HORRIBLE Dream I Had About The Coming Invasion Of America

This was the most vivid dream I have had. (I woke up at 4:30 AM from this dream–right now)  Please pay attention.  Dreams are, (or can be) warnings.  In Joel, God promises in the end ages that he will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh. People will dream, folks will have visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

Americans, blissfully unaware were going about their hum-drum day.  Meanwhile, The US Govt was building up propaganda against Russia, China and other Asian nations.  These said countries had enough of the lies.  All of the sudden (I was in a large city), HUGE jets, aircraft (you name it) which were foreign were flying across the sky–it was so loud.  I looked up–I instantly knew what it was. Payback for our wars.  I knew it was invasion.  I saw thousands upon thousands of Asians & others.  They were piercing Americans through the stomachs.  They spoke perfect English.  As they pierced this American woman, a female Asian looked at the woman and started laughing.  She said: “YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN! YOU LOOK LIKE AN UGLY MAN!”  The lady underneath the sword was pleading for her life and the Asian just killed her. I looked at the dead female, I knew instinctively that she was a militant LGBT and I actually couldn’t care less if she was dead.  She was deserving.

As for me in the dream, I was laying by 2 dead people. Feigning death.  Time had gone by and this Asian person had made friends with me.  He knew that I was anti war (Meaning I am anti wars (Led by America) all over the planet) and he liked me as a friend.  I asked him how I could stay alive.  He was friends with top brass in his military.  He had told me that he advised them of who I was.  But, for me to always feign death. He now had to leave and we said Good bye to each other.

Much time had passed–Then, I was under a bridge-so many people dead all over from bombs, fires, etc..  I was looking for another place to hide, but I knew there was NO hiding place. I sensed that the invader was coming my way but I had moved.  So, I pretended I was sleeping and dreaming.  The soldiers were females that had proceeded toward me.  I pretended I was talking in my sleep.  I was saying in my feigned sleep:  “I am so sorry Syrian and Serbian mothers for what America did to you.”  All of the sudden, I felt a hand on my forehead, soothing me.  The soldier lady had felt my remorse of America’s great sins against countries.  She let me live and they walked away.


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  1. thank you for sharing…. have you read “The Harbinger” ? I really reccomend it… the author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, explains that this country, America really was founded on scripture & was dedicated to the G-d of Israel in the very beginning; & because of that, our sins are not mere sins- they are rebellion (adultery) against the Most High. & so yes our nation will be punished. Just as G-d used pagan nations like Assyria to discipline Israel, He will use nations like China to discipline the US. 😦

  2. MJ, there’s trouble brewing in my part of the world, as I said before. Here’s a gist of the latest.

    There was a brief report that the US has authorized preparations for war with China. It is inevitable there will be a war between the two nations. The question is: Who authorized this preparation for war with China? And on what grounds? Is it because the military modernization of China often provokes concerns that it is ‘catching up.’ Cyberattacks? Start a war and don’t have to pay the trillions owing and due to China? Colonise the Far East, South Asia and South East Asia for more wealth, more plunder, and more SLAUGHTER? Which is America’s favourite past time.

    In 2011 0bama stated that “prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty.” (He should apply that to America and no where else, the Nigger Filth). His regime intensified the US participation in ASEAN and the East Asia Summit (EAS) and encouraged—but only indirectly and cautiously—countries in the region to deal with China on a multilateral rather than bilateral basis in resolving territorial disputes. The Obama also ramped up US participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, a free trade agreement that at least initially would exclude China, and is thought by many to be a counterbalance to China’s ex¬tensive bilateral trade relationships in the region.
    It has also emerged that former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir has issued a scathing attack on the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” being rammed through in secret by the Obama Administration, as an imperial trick meant to subjugate smaller nations, destroy their ability to defend themselves (in the way Malaysia did under Mahathir), and to provoke a confrontation with China. Malaysia has the biggest trade with China running into billions.
    The American conceived Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is another attempt by America to let their huge corporations penetrate the markets of the small countries, in particular, government procurement. When the GATT failed WTO was invented for the same purpose. That also failed. Then invented APEC was invented.. Still, they could not achieve their objective. They introduced bilateral free trade agreements.
    America is owned and run by CORPORATES that owns the Congress, Senate, and the WH. It is these American Corporations along with the America-created World Bank and IMF that holds the entire world to ransom. If the US succeeds in binding Malaysia with the Satanic (and it is) then Malaysia, a most successful, wealthy, moderate islamic country that is multinational and multiculturals for centuries would end up as Satan America’s colony. How, reader may ask.

    Remember America is a litigious nation. Their lawyers are as filthy and evil as the demons from hell. The TPP would be legally binding, the satanlings would make 200% sure. In the words of Mahathir: “ If we breach the agreement, their corporations can sue the government for billions…. They will have the best lawyers, lots of them. We will exhaust all our funds to pay our less experienced lawyers. At the end, we will lose and pay indemnities and fees running into billions. And we will continue to pay until we comply. And when we comply we will lose more money….When the currency rogues attacked us the purpose was to gain control over our economy. We resisted because we were still free then. But after we sign the TPP we will be bound hand and foot. No more capital controls. We will be colonised again. President Sukarno was right about neo-colonialism.”
    Already, Indonesia is under the control of the Evil CIA (may they all get the plague of flesh-eating bacteria) and the country is under the control of Filthy, Evil, Satanic America. Singapore plays hop scotch with Satan America , and has many serious problems — America’s demonic gift to any prosperous nation. In recent months, the Nigger paid of¬ficial visits to both Burma and Cambodia—two nations that have distanced themselves from China in recent years. All these are typical diplomatic moves, some of which have economic implications, but not part of a preparation of the kinds of confrontational relationship ASB presumes.
    America, the most Evil nation in the world that worships and serves Satan will now try to destroy China with its AirSea Battle (ASB) that will greatly increase the range of circumstances for maritime brinkmanship and dangerous naval incidents. Will China go nuclear?

    The US military is fighting two wars – the Middle East and China. The military is shutting down due to budget cutbacks. Aircraft carriers are sitting in port because the US cannot afford to fix them. One-third of the Airforce has been shut down because it cannot afford to continue training. Recent reports to Congress speak of ‘Rot” in the ranks of the nation’s nuclear launch corp. Every day an average of 22 veterans commit suicide as well as an average of more than one active duty soldier each day.

    For every one American, there are Four Chinese . Will Russia join in the war? It will if the US enlists NATO. China will have North Korea and Pakistan. Iran will be on standby. So, China must engage in pre-emptive warfare. Cyberattacks (with good pal North Korea), EMP strikes, and both the Iranian cells and Pakistan deadly Lashkar-e-Taiba should start bombing all major US cities. Then, the fun begins. Would you like it Amerikaners? Don’t blame the rest of the world. Blame yourself and the lunatic psychopaths you elect as leaders. Including your Insatiably Greedy Corporates that keep you in rags, eating green peas, and GMO food.

  3. The worthless lamestream media never talks it about but a few years back a Chinese sub surfaced right in the middle of U.S. naval exercises unannounced and undetected. This out of control spying and naive desire to control the internet and the world has many nations pissed off. Hanoi Heinz Kerry is threatening Venezuela with all kinds of bad stuff for even contemplating offering asylum to Snowden and the recent treatment of the leader of Bolivia has them pissed off. It is coming as any nation that embraces homos and godless commies gets what it deserves. Don’t blame me I voted for Romney. Pray now more than ever. Pray for the nation and hope God can find a handful of righteous people.

  4. It’s almost as if the US is getting set-up to be destroyed like Germany was set-up to be destroyed in the 20th century.

    Of course, the situation is not exactly alike. Still, there’s a lot of similarities. The world hates Americans now because of Uncle Sam’s war of empires. The two major powers in the world, Russia and China seem to be allies now, and closing in on us. American goods are now being boycotted all around the world.

    In the 70 years from America’s victory in WW2 when the US was number #1 no question, no doubt, the US had everything ; In the 70 years since WW2, Americans — both our leadership and us, the American people, the average citizen — have squandered it all. ” Do your own thing”.

    Existentialism — the ontological foundation of our culture — has been a total disaster for the White Race. Nietzsche + Darwin does NOT a rich and vibrant culture make.

    Existentialism is a type of Islam — it’s Sufism + Kaballah. Neitzsche and the Existentialists worshipped Islam/Sufism/Kaballah. Many people don’t know that. Existentialism softened the West up for Islam. That’s why the Left does everything it can to destroy Christianity while simultaneously having the greatest respect for Islam.

    Hitler is the one who introduced Islamic Jihad into the very heart of Europe in the very first place, and the Left also supports Islam. Hitler threw devout Catholics and sincere Protestant Christians into the IG Farben camps while simultaneously treating his Muslim Legions with the highest respect. Yes, Hitler had Muslim Islamic Jihadists in his Third Reich “aryan” military. He loved his Islamic Jihadists. They killed Catholics and Jews in Eastern Europe in droves. Hitler loved the Islamic Jihadists. So does the Left, I notice.

    Even the %$$#@%%^!! Pope likes Muslims more than he likes Catholics [ I’m an old-fashioned pre-Vatican II Catholic]. He might as well be a Imam. Yes, the situation is that far gone.

    ” Protestant Reformation + Islam”

    The White Race was doing well enough under the banner of Christianity. In fact, the White Race was on top of the world under the banner of Christianity. When the White Race rejected Christianity en-masse in the late 19th century for Existentialism, Nietzsche, “God is Dead”, Darwinism. Nietzsche and Darwin go hand-in-hand — It’s been nothing but massive internecine wars, self-inflicted genocide, nihilism, and unrestrained selfishness since Existentialism became ascendant. We no longer have any High Culture : No High Art, Music, Literature, Poetry. Now we’re suffering a “silent genocide” because of existentialism. In other words, “Do your own thing”. “To suffer” means “To allow”.

    We no longer have a High Culture because of Existentialism, but we do have Sufism/Kaballah up-the-kazoo, nihilism , a satanic mainstream culture, and we have intense Islamic Jihad in Europe, and the US is turning into a third world country very rapidly.

    It’s very easy to rule over and control and manipulate an incontinent people. To paraphrase Plato. Existentialism with it’s inherent “Do your own thing” has been a total disaster for the White Race.

    My favorite online commentator :


  5. QV: God does not lie.

    Revelation 17 is propped up for America. Who is deserving of this as a whole.

    For others:
    You know we do not mean you, so dont get all stupid.

  6. Good comment, Salvatore. But I believe doom began descending on America when the nation started turning away from God that bestowed great wealth and power. America was then a Christian nation. Early American school books and universities were founded on the Bible. But today, Christianity has been cleansed in a number of treasured national areas: 1) Government; 2) Armed Forces; 3) Science; 4) Sports; 5) Judiciary; 6) The Church; 7) News Media; 8) ObamaCare, based upon the most blatant pagan value system imaginable.

    Most American churches have withdrawn from society and have become a country club of self-indulgent, extra biblical doctrines that would be largely unrecognizable by the Church in Acts. Therefore, Christians are largely unrecognizable in society and the ones who are, are hated by it. Both church and people bear no accountability. Its worse today for it is nakedly clear that America’s top official representatives have bowed to islam – (the people re-elected a Muslim potus) thus confirming the surrender to islam without a fight, and the so-called ‘christian’ church and its pastors sold out to the god of Cash and Tax Exemption. How proud are Americans that the rest of the world mock, scorn and spit at America having an Anus Fucker as potus?
    From 1947, the US embarked on a invade, murder, plunder, subjugate nations and peoples according to the US oh so democracy, human rights HYPOCRISY. Slavery might have been abolished in the US, which the oligarchs and Insatiably Greedy Wall Street, Federal Reserve and the Corporations morbidly regret. So, off to other nations to murder and plunder to fill their coffers while throwing crumbs to the populace known as ‘welfare’ ‘entitlement’ ‘food stamps’. Simultaneously dumbing down generations of Americans for almost 6 decades.

    Today, America is truly RIPE for Judgment from God. Today, America promotes and propagandises LBGT, created a billion $ funding to impose LBGT on the nations of the world. The Nigger’s African trip was focused on forcing 38 African nations that criminilise homosexuality to change ‘the error of their ways’. Zilch on trade, as the US still maintains its image and perception that it will get Africa’s resources through the barrel of the gun and resistance means going the way of Gaddafi. The US has already lost Africa, and that’s the truth. It is CHINA that has emerged as the True and Tested partner in Africa. China has poured BILLIONS whereas America had actually neglected Africa except to destablise nations like Somalia, maintain silence with Sudan, interfere here, there, everywhere and ensure Africans live without electricity and fresh water while doing all it can to help their oligarchs murder and plunder their way in Africa.

    Islamists are slaughtering Christians n Nigeria. America maintains Stoic, Eternal Silence. Both leaders, church leaders, evangelists, and so-called ‘christians’. Then chant: god bless America.

  7. It is not so much Revelation 17 as revelation 18 that spells out clearly the fall of America. America is ready for God’s terrible punishment. The latest is the Nigger in the WH has sent 71 Armoured vehicles to Hizbollah. Hizbollah that is fighting FUKUS darling rebels in Syria and preserving Lebanon.

    America used Israel to bomb Syria via Turkey. Israel had no choice. It is when America aligns itself with the Arab countries to destroy Israel that waves of Sodom would visit the Continent.

    “Hear the word of the [Eternal], ye children of Israel [you people of the British Commonwealth and the United States!]: for the [Eternal] hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land [of America and Britain] mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish …” (Hosea 4:1-3).
    Why Britain? Because in passing on the birthright to the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:16), Jacob said, “Let my name be named on them”—on Ephraim and Manasseh—who today are Britain and America. This tells on whom this most terrible of national calamities is to fall—on Britain and America.

  8. What’s every1 gonna do if the Mad Jew Bitch is right about these bad things??

    At least I see she tries to tell the truth……Which is more than we can say for the Marxist media..

  9. @QV avatars are random, use a different email address for another one. Here is a fun little thing I found on the web:

    The land of Magog-Russia
    Meshech and Tubal-Somewhere in Russia
    Persia-Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan
    Ethiopia-Ethiopia and Sudan
    Ashkenaz-Austria and Germany
    Gomer-Eastern Europe
    Togarmah-Southeastern Europe-Turkey
    “Many peoples with thee”-Nations allied with Russia

    Why is America not in there?

  10. I hope TMJ and everyone is safe in a bunker, cave or mountain top if it all turns to a steaming pile. I will pray for you.

  11. @ the watcher

    I have become accustomed to my present avatar.

    [[Why is America not in there?]]

    Because America aligns, arms, supports their Arab/muslim darlings in the coming Arab Confederacy-Israel war. As will Britain.
    This will have to happen first. Psalm 83 promises to Prove YHWH is the Most High God. This is the only war that He will use His ‘dry bones of Israel’ – the IDF to completely annihilate the entire Arab Confederacy, and punish both America and Britain most severely for their collaboration with the Arabs. Then, the whole world will witness Israel as a Superpower – to Glorify His Name when He makes Israel the Wealthiest and Most Sovereign nation in the world.

    The US has Babylon symbols all over DC and elsewhere. From the Statue of Liberty to the Capitol Building dome. The entire concept of the U.S. Capitol building was borrowed from Rome’s pagan temple dedicated to ALL the gods of Rome – it was called The Pantheon – yet, the Romans borrowed the concept from Babylon. The entrance to the Capitol Building is guarded by BAAL.
    America is BABYLON. Read Revelation 18 . This nation is a superpower and has world dominance and importance. It has also spread its corruption to the world.

    Worse, America is completely pagan. With a Muslim as potus. With the Murder of 92 million unborn hanging over its head. And LBGT as its Code of Morals.

    Britain is not far behind. The day Britain betrayed Israel by creating Trans-Jordan by CHEATING 78% of the original land intended for Israel, Britain today is BANKRUPT, BONKERS — and are slaves to their darling muslims they house in mansions while they, the natives, live in rabbit hutches called council housing, the homeless in caves, their young nubile girls of 10 already passed around as sex slaves by their darling muslims, while the natives surrendered Luton and Bradford to their beloved Pakis.

  12. such an emotional dream,God is about to pour judgement against USA,there are many signs,Ohio lake turned red,tornadoes,Russian troops,etc.God is not to be mocked.

  13. Significant detail in your dream:

    “They spoke perfect English.”

    In my experience, Asians already know English very well before they come to the U.S.— unlike most other immigrants. There are more people learning English in China than there are people in the United States.

    Another detail:

    “As they pierced this American woman, a female Asian looked at the woman and started laughing. She said: ‘YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN! YOU LOOK LIKE AN UGLY MAN!'”

    Too many women in America are masculine (homosexual) and too many men are feminine. It is all because of the Satanic, non-sexist, androgynous propaganda of the hard left. And our Reprobate-in-Chief (Obama) is homosexual.

  14. When China takes control of America, the Continent will be CLEANSED of Leftists , Liberals, Progressives, Insatiably Greedy Vampire Corporations, Corrupt Politicians, and all prisoners working for 23 cents/hour for America’s oh so democracy, human rights Corporations will be released; in particular the youths who are incarcerated for the slightest misdeamenour by the oh so pious, pontificating Tyrants currently in charge . The Bush family will flee to Paraguay where they have bought several hundred acres to hide in. The world must keep a sharp look-out for escaping leftists and liberals. Any coming to your country should be immediately deported . Barndoor Ass Naps had a whiff of what’s coming and quit. The shameless Clintons will try and negotiate. 0bama will flee to Hawaii. As will many others of their ilk.

    There has been 153 resignations, including sackings, a couple of arrests of BANKSTERS around the globe. That is a signal the net is closing in on the Cabal. Jacob Rothschilds finds himself squeezed. Profits down.

    BTW, where American youths watch the Idiot Box, an estimated 50 million Chinese youths are learning Classical music on various instruments. If you are lucky, tune in on the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra . China never did kick out Confucian values.

  15. There has been 153 resignations, including sackings, a couple of arrests of BANKSTERS around the globe. That is a signal the net is closing in on the Cabal. Jacob Rothschilds finds himself squeezed. Profits down.

    Hey, wheres this news??!

  16. QV the shrubs bought that land on top of a nice fresh water aquifier. God will smack down these globalist traitor lefty rat satanic scum, it is coming.

  17. @ Universal Exports.

    The Shrubs will be taken out. There’s already warrants for arrest for the Retard and that vile creature from Bankrupt Bonkers Britain, Tony Blair – the bastard from Jacob Rothschilds loins.

  18. A few days ago, I had a very interesting dream and you (the Mad Jewess) were in the dream. I didn’t know where to post it, so I thought I would post it here.

    The Dream:

    You, myself and a few other people were in a prison cell. The people who imprisoned us were planning to do us harm (torture?). But we thought of something very ingenious and we were not harmed. There were more details to the dream, but they are gone from me now.

    What does this dream mean? The prison is the world system that we live in, but since we abide in Christ, we are not harmed.

  19. TMJ: I also believe that this dream means that we (you and I) are on the same wavelength (but I think we both knew that already).

    Sometimes I am not able to do a lot of reading when I am on the road. I have been doing a lot of hitchhiking in the past few weeks, so I have not been able to keep up on your blog.

    I was able to stay with a Christian family in Darby, Montana for a few days this past week. He is a stonemason and I was able to work for him and earn a little money for the road. Staying with them was a real blessing. Right now I am in Idaho.

  20. I have not been able to keep up on your blog.

    thats OK!!!
    I have been singing a lot, behind on everthing

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