Warning: Obama To “Declare War On Syria?”

Warning: Obama To “Declare War On Syria?”

Last week, U.S. Army Gen. Dempsey offered Obama several strategies to attack Syria with bombers and missiles.  Dempsey offered this proposal during the Zimmerman riots when nobody was looking. Russia has a Naval/Shipping port in Syria.

We are against any wars in the east on this blog.


4 thoughts on “Warning: Obama To “Declare War On Syria?”

  1. Got World War Three? Good thing we have the immaculate chicago toilet water to wine converting messiah to put his golden midas touch on Syria. Not trying to be a douchenozzle but it is naval not navel.

  2. Seems pretty stupid to me, if not downright schizophrenic, to destabilize and overthrow a peaceful stable NON- Islamic Jihadist government in Syria — Assad — and do everything you can to replace a peaceful, stable NON-Islamic Jihadist government with a die-hard, warmongering Islamic Jihadist government :

    And the people who want to replace Assad’s peaceful stable government with an intense warmongering Islamic Jihadist government are Jew Zionists and their Non-Jew lackeys who always make the biggest stink about how much they love Israel. Yet, they’re doing everything they can to put an intense, warmongering Islamic Jihadist Regime in power in a country that shares a border with Israel : Syria.

    How cognitive dissonant does it get.

    ” Albert Pike Three World Wars Planned”

    ” Kissinger + Israel Only Has 10 Years Left”

    Both the USA and Israel are going to get sacrificed to the Zionist New World Order. At least that’s the plan of the banking Sanhedrin. See what happens.The die-hard warmongering Messianic Jews and AIPAC aren’t doing their fellow Jews/Israelis any favors. And the Non-Jewish die-hard Zionists aren’t doing us Americans any favors. Non-Jewish die-hard Zionists : Mormons, Shriners, 501c Zionist “Christians”.

    In the meantime Saudi Arabia and the Gulf State Emirates are bank-rolling the Jihadist army in Syria. For more info :

    ” Fat Pig Of Qatar”

    ” Messianic” Christianity [ Zionist Christianity ] was grafted unto Christianity in the late 19th century. It was never a part of Christian eschatology before that. It was added on to Christianity the same time the White Race went Existentialist.

  3. We are against any war in Syria for anyone.

    We support PATRIOTS in Israel who are thrown in jail for being right wingers.

    Their govt is SHIT.

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