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Obama & War-Mongering GOP Traitors Ginning Up Public To War (WW3) In Syria/Russia Showdown

These people NEVER stop do they?  They just want to murder everyone in the world.  People are sick and tired of war.  Gen Dempsey says that “Risk may be that we will empower Jihadists’.  Isnt THAT novel…WE KNOW…  Boehner says that we will help the ‘right side of rebels.’  Amazing.. You mean the side that cannibalizes or the side that blows themselves up?   The govt plans to arm Syria with 2 billion a month.. What? Borrowing $ from China to attack Syrians? China has told us to butt out.

The US Govt want to remove a legit leader.  I say the legit leader of Syria needs to grab a coalition and remove Obama, the Dems and the GOP–rid America and the world of this bs. Problem would be solved.  And, Israel…You would do best for yourselves to stay out of Obama’s mess. 

FACT:  Syria did NOTHING to threaten us here at home.


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