Communist B*TCH, Hillary Clinton To Receive A “Patriot” Award In Reagan Bldg For “Defending The Nation”

Communist B*TCH, Hillary Clinton To Receive A “Patriot” Award In Reagan Bldg For “Defending The Nation”

It is absolutely AMAZING that this B*TCH is getting anything outside of being hanged for treason

I can’t even have a rest.

Everyday, these sonofabitch Commie Libs do this crap just to get a rise.  And, I cant help but rise to the occasion.  Not anything like Anthony Weiner, mind you..  This is totally preposterous.  This HAG should just go shrivel up and DIE. A “Patriot” award? For WHAT?  The Rose Law Firm murders?  Leaving men in Benghazi to die while she told them to stand down?  A “Patriot?”

 W T F……!!!  She is NOT a patriot.  This bitch has done nothing that is patriotic.  She is a snake.  The epitome of evil.  The devil as a bimbo.  Jezebel as a lesbo. 

Click-Hillary to Receive “Patriot” Award to the Saul Alinsky radical 

Clinton will receive the American Patriot Award from the National Defense University Foundation at a gala dinner on Nov. 14. The award is given to “leaders who have strengthened America’s strategic interests and advanced global security,” according to a press release.

“As First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton tirelessly worked to support and defend our nation and our allies around the world,” said Al Zimmerman, chairman of the NDU Foundation Board of Directors, in the release.

Why am I SO NOT surprised that some Communist JUDENRAT Erav Rav is pumping this evil snatch to be Prez.  Ya cant make this shit up.   GOD HELP ME. I am ready to blow a gasket.


12 thoughts on “Communist B*TCH, Hillary Clinton To Receive A “Patriot” Award In Reagan Bldg For “Defending The Nation”

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  2. Had to share this on facebook for those that don’t read blogs.

  3. Not surprising. Not surprising at all. This IS America, readers of the world! The oh so democracy, human rights MURDERING evil nation with MURDERERS & TERRORISTS being honoured. This IS America’s definition of dignity, honour, respect. How did this come about? Ask the nation of psychopaths that populates the Continent. That exults in SILENCE when ATROCITIES are committed in their name in their own Rotten Continent and around the globe.
    Ah, no Amerikaner , besides MJ, will respond to this comment, methinks. They’ll be busy, as usual, looking for Sand. Bury. Head.

  4. Hi Qv, I got home late and nobody wants to accept that USA is the decadent democracy.
    In fact, this one ‘conservative’ blogger took me off his little circle (Boo fucking hoo) because he was angry that someone here said the N word about 2 years ago.

    Whahhhhh, boo hoo, sadddddddddddddddd 😦

  5. The REASON why America is in the Shithouse is because Amerikaners REFUSE to accept that it is they who allowed their country to become a Tyrannical Fascist Nation today. China and America say America has become a Police State incarcerating more Amerikaners than any other country does to its citizens. Amerikaners are Hunky Dory with their SILENCE.

    Well, it was just last week that ex-President of the USA, Jimmy Carter, announces that there is no longer “functioning democracy” in the USA. There were NO comments from Amerikaners. Just SILENCE.

    The ex-Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts wrote the Nigger (there, I’ve said the holy grail word – just be thankful it was Nigger and not the utterly derogative words we use out here) Regime lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy.
    Not a word from the very SILENT Amerikaners.

    Edward Snowden said: I, sitting at my desk could “wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president. Russia responded by getting back their typewriters to work what computers once did. Germany is Up in Arms. Amerikaners say NOTHING.

    Bradley Manning is tortured hideously . Amerikaners say NOTHING.

    Lt. Col. Terry Larkin rots in jail. SILENCE of the American LAMBS!

    The USA government puts heavy pressure on Internet companies to turn over all of their clients’ account passwords.

    SILENCE from America. The rest of the world says: FUCK OFF AMERICA.

    The President they voted for, the senators and congress members they voted for, – Congressmen Who Voted for 2008 Bailout and Against Financial Reform Got Big Contributions from Wall Street ; are engaged in the promotion of torture, assassination, paedophilism and slavery and trafficking (Over the weekend, law enforcement officials rescued 105 children and arrested 150 individuals involved in sex trafficking and exploitation in 76 cities across the United States) invasion of other countries without cause, on the basis of transparent lies and fraudulent pretexts, are aiding and abetting the foulest, most destructive industries in recorded history, companies such as Monsanto, General Electric, British Petroleum, Northrop Grumman, and more. They know all of this, because it’s in the news, BUT Amerikaners maintain SILENCE.

    4 out 5 Amerikaners are out of a job and only part-time jobs will be the norm. SILENCE.

    So, Amerikaners have surrendered their rights to those who would now torture them, murder their ambassadors and seals without any accountability “what difference does it make” . Therefore, it is not surprising that Shitlery gets the patriot award because Amerikaners CHOOSE to be SILENT. So, how do they do it? Look for Sand. Bury. Head.


    It is the likes of that ‘conservative blogger’ and his political correctness that encourages, aids Niggers to beat, rape and kill Whites.
    The Whites of America meanwhile have yet to develop a spine.

  6. A bitch like Shitlery would have been arrested, imprisoned, and all assets confiscated by the state, out here. Just two days ago, Taiwan’s defence minister resigned after a corporal died because of abuse by the military. That provoked an outrage throughout the island. Yesterday, 18 military officials were indicted for the corporal’s death. BUT, we are not oh so democracy, human rights BULLSHIT .

    Oh so democracy, human rights America Senate appointed James Comey as the new director of the FBI. Coney is a PSYCHOPATH. Like Nigger 0bama and his coterie of PSYCHOPATHS. The Senate confirmed Comey overwhelmingly by a 93 to 1 margin. Republican Senator Rand Paul casted the only no vote over his concerns about the FBI’s use of domestic drones.

    Comey admitted earlier this month that he signed a controversial memo in 2005 allowing the use of torture. He approved the torture memo that allowed the use of enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding and sleep deprivation on captured terrorism suspects.

    BUT majority Amerikaners LOVE IT. They are PSYCHOPATHS. Birds of a feather……………………………

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