#BlackPrivilege, Race-Baiter In Chief, Obama: ‘Race Relations May Get Worse’

#BlackPrivilege, Black Supremacist, Race-Baiter In Chief, Obama: ‘Race Relations May get Worse”

How much more worse can it get? More white deaths? Beatings? More of the MSM pretending that Zimmermans are Anglo-Saxons?  Tell me..HOW MUCH MORE WORSE CAN IT GET? It’s pretty damned bad right now..

“People will feel as if they have to compete.”  

-B. Hussein Obama

I have black and Hispanic friends.  They are sickened by this monster…My hubby, David has said that 3rd worlders and many black people CANT compete with whites or Asians…but he got called a racist.  Obama says it and it will be friggin history, wonderful, brilliant, etc…. If any of you don’t know this: In the former USSR, they said the same thing to the poor. The same exact thing about competing and income ‘equality’.  STOP telling me that this POS is not a Commie.  If it walks like a Commie, smells like a Commie and acts like a Commie, it IS a damned COMMIE.

 Racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse” because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot. If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested, ” he said.

The rest of this Communist bullshitWhite House Dossier

By the way, you dumb, jackass ‘liberal’ morons who are white… DUH.  If you don’t get it by now that you are hated by the Great Pretender bastard, Obama, then you are just a stupid ass.


1958,  quote by Vladimir Ufland (copied/pasted):

USSR America is Rapidly changing. The Negroes are Gaining power And soon the Famous Lady Liberty Will be repainted in Black powder. Then “disadvantaged” and the ones Poor Will mock the millionaires blatantly While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans Will Rush to Mimic Negroes Ardently. They Will Respect the Negroes dearly And Glorify the blackest Fellow, And whiteys, Walking with humility, Will Bow first to every Negro.

How right can ya get?!

And it IS bad when signs like this are seen at colleges: Freshman says he will start a White Student Union at Georgia State University;

By the way: Its shocking and amazing to me (DAILY) how many Jews are on the side of the oppressors.  Sick.

9 thoughts on “#BlackPrivilege, Race-Baiter In Chief, Obama: ‘Race Relations May Get Worse’

  1. You see Amerikaners. This is what you get when you put a Nigger grandson of a convicted , executed by the British in the WH. You can show them the facts, the figures. Nothing will move them. They will themselves to Kill Whites. It was the Filthy, UGLY 0bama and his coterie of kill =whites (what drugs are Amerikaners on when they say 0bama is ‘handsome’ (puke) and suave? that organized, orchestrated, funded the Hate/Kill Whites war .
    Race War, Class Warfare, is the last Resort of a Failed presidency from a Flatulence of Failures president

    So, he now plans moving blacks and Hispanics into white neighbourhoods. To easier kill Whites, stupid!

    It gets better now. Quietly, the Nigger Flatulence of Failures begins ‘regionilising’ America. Stanley Kurtz at National Review Online writes about San Francisco’s new Plan Bay Area–a “regional” plan for San Francisco and the surrounding cities that is ostensibly aimed at making sure minorities can afford the local housing market. The leftists that Amerikaners allowed to live another day have successfully destroyed Detroit. And blamed the conservatives for Detroit’s death. The left now wishes to export its failures: “The Obama administation (silly word ) is using traditional anti-discrimination language as a cover for a re-engineering the way we live. The real goal is to Manhattanize America, and force us out of our cars,” Kurtz warns.

    Methinks Amerikaners deserve it. Don’t you?

  2. Oh, speaking of Detroit, the Chinese are buying up and moving in. When they are in numbers, the blacks and the muslims will move out. Chinese do love their PORK. And Chinese system does not have welfarism: So blacks. No work. No eat. Tell you blacks wot. Move to the WH. Your Nigger would love to have you lot.
    Imagine. You’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with your Slave Descendant Nigger Moochelle and play with her (not )bama’s ) daughters. And pee and shit all over. Oooooooh, that would be a dream, Niggers.

  3. QV:
    I am glad that The Chinese are buying up Detroit. Good. And THAT is exactly what the Commie-Libs have done; Surrendered Detroit.

  4. Methinks Amerikaners deserve it. Don’t you?

    Where ever there is a liberal, yep, its deserved.

    Guess what Qv-
    Last night, our grocery store got robbed of baby food, $250- worth.

    GUESS who the perps were?


  5. MJ, the Chinese from China are foreclosing properties across the Continent. This is what American politicians have done to Americans. Don’t blame China.

    The fun for Niggers begins when China takes charge. China thinks 100 years ahead and plans for same.

  6. I blame the pols and the leftists, of course, not China.
    Not their problem they want to make a buck.

  7. The left are happy to rid of the properties. Leftists are proven FAILURES.

    BUT, Important to note that the Chinese from China are foreclosing properties. And buying properties in America. And Invests! Unlike America, predatory, filthily evil country that Invades, Murders, Plunders for the Corrupt presidency, Corrupt Congress, Corrupt Senate, Corrupt Politicians, and the parasites on entitlements. SHAME on a Continent that is Lawless and a Rogue! When China is in control, guaranteed America will undergo massive cleansing. So, start learning Mandarin.

    The Chinese are also buying properties in Cyprus. It was reported more than 1,000 Chinese investors have bought houses (worth €300,000 (£260,000) in the past year. Eligibility requires proof they have no criminal record and able to deposit €30,000 for a minimum of three years in a local bank. The deal comes with a visa that grants the right to roam the EU. I do not think the EU led by Germany will want to upset the Chinese as they did the Russians. About 80% of the Chinese immigrants have clustered in Paphos, a tourist town on the southwest coast, where last month China Glory National Investment, based in Hong Kong, committed itself to investing €290m in a €1.5bn golf resort. The business has set up offices in Nicosia, the capital.

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