#BlackPrivilege: Son Of Obama Murders 2 White Family Dollar Store Workers

#BlackPrivilege: Son Of Obama Murders 2 White Family Dollar Store Workers

Will this be reported on the main stream media?  Nope. Bat whitey, rape whitey, beat whitey, kill whitey.’  Then get away with nobody finding out.

DEARBORN, Mich. – On the same day the Family Dollar store in Dearborn reopened where 20-year-olds Joseph Orlando and Brenna K. Machus worked, a former employee was charged with their murders. Police said the night of July 16, 34-year-old Lavere Bryant shot and killed Orlando in the bathroom, robbed the store and abducted Machus. He eventually shot her, too, and dumped her body in a field less than a mile away.

Story here: Lavere Bryant charged in murders of Dearborn Family Dollar workers Thanks to http://newnation.org/ for reporting this.


 Lavere Bryant

White victims: (One looks like a ‘White Hispanic”)

Joe OrlandoBrenna K. Machus

Our hearts are with the family of this race-hate crime.


Illegal Alien PIG Rapes & Murders 93 Year Old Woman. Where is McCain? Rubio? Filthy TRAITORS.

Illegal Alien PIG Rapes And Murders 93 Yr Old Woman

OMAHA, Neb. —The 93-year-old woman who police said was beaten and raped in her own home earlier this week has died.

BARBARIC. This is just ONE reason I will NOT EVER be for ‘immigration reform’. EVER.  I want these people out of this country.  This SOB should be hung and made to suffer.  America is probably the only nation that worships teens and youth who don’t know jack shit about life and treats the elderly like trash. Whereas, most SANE nations revere their elderly.

OH LORD, please….come speedily and trounce this evil dictatorship. Please destroy our government since men refuse to do so.

Hat Tip: Rolph


Huma Abedin Represents Liberal Feminism. And, Crazies Are Obsessed With Weiner’s Dic Pic

Huma Abedin Represents Liberal Feminism. And, Crazies Are Obsessed With Weiner’s Dic Pic

Commie-Lib feminists are submissive to sex fiends and tyrants.  They LOVE Islamic Jihad as well.    Rarely, are they ever there for women, but they sure stick with their men!  Just look at stupid Hitlery.  She stayed with Bill after he wackadoo’ed all over Monica.  “Hanukkah with Monica” sure didn’t seem to bother Hillary one bit.

Looks like Huma is going to follow Hillary’s plan, to stand by her man..  I can see all of this in 10 years.  Anthony Weiner, (Twit-Perv) And Huma (Submissive feminist, Muslim bro’hood lackie) running for the White House and everyone will call us sex-o-phobes for opposing them.  Ya can’t make this shit up.  Fiction is not this good.

At current, my posts on this filthy little Judenrat, Weiner are huge in stats.  What an embarrassing freak.  AmeriKa sure has its mind in the gutter, seeking out his crotch..  I have not seen stats this big since the cannibal Liberal in Miami.  Gross.

Now….for YOUR Entertainment…. I believe that the Jews should stick together.  Monica Lewinsky and Weiner should get together on Twitter and make a Broadway play or something like that:

#BlackPrivilege: Black Male (Student?) Kicks White Female (Teacher?) In The Face, Knocks Her Out Cold

#BlackPrivilege: Black Male Student Kicks White Female Teacher In The Face, Knocks Her Out Cold

Update: This was asked in the form of a question because we are not sure of what this is.  However: If this is a ‘skit’, why is it a black kid kicking a white teacher in the face.  In our opinion, its just more white hate propaganda.

I uploaded this horrific video:

Black Privilege: directorwuzgood’s post on Vine

The person who tweeted this thinks this was funny:

#badthingshappentogoodpeople #blackprivilege RT @bonitaaapplebum: I really wish this wasn’t as funny as it is. https://vine.co/v/hBMAIWEg2g2 

More info on this tweet: (Looks as if it happened on July 20th)

#BlackPrivilege-Scandal at Winston-Salem State. Professors Giving Good Grades To Blacks Who Are NOT Passing

#BlackPrivilege-Scandal at Winston-Salem State. Professors Throwing Out Good Grades For Blacks.

{Sent via email}

Think on this comment I made on their website:

“This is disservice & criminal.

Not only being untruthful to black people but it effects ALL the students. It effects society.

What would people think if they knew their black Doctor was not a legit Dr?? That he/she only knew half of what he is supposed to know?? And, then perform surgery? God forbid, heart surgery??

This is called black privilege. IT MUST STOP.

I do hope that more professors would please come out to expose this so that this honest woman is not left alone in this truth.

Dont leave her hanging out to dry. Please”


This process would start early on the day that the test was due and the students would be there for hours.   They would cluster in a corner and one student would start taking the test, while the others would have open books, laptops, and notes readily available to assist the student.  Each would take their turn taking the test until all of the students had finished. Unfortunately, WSSU provided no way to track or report student cheating.

I witnessed this blatant cheating on several occasions and reported it to my supervisor and the associate provost. They told me that it was none of my business. That didn’t surprise me, since I had made complaints previously about academic dishonesty and had been told that I was not my concern. Apparently, the administration was more interested in students getting good grades than whether they earned those grades honestly.

Before I could learn more about the erosion of academic integrity at WSSU, I was fired. In 2011, after I had been promoted to director of academic technology, one of workers in the department, unhappy that a white person had been chosen, repeatedly attacked me verbally. After mediation with her failed to bring results, and because of other complaints about her performance, I recommended that she be released. I was stunned when, shortly thereafter, I was notified that I had been terminated.

(Don’t take this post down, WSS or left wingers- it will be no good. I copied it into word.)

This is nothing to the left-wing, Communists.  They put in a Pres who was unfit-he does not have any College records. He was a Community Organizer that voted 129 times present as a Senator.  He has no legit birth certificate as well and admitted all through the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya.

Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

Leftists Want To Keep Blacks As Rapists & Murderers. Chris Hayes Is Attacking Bill O’Reilly For Trying To Help Black People

You all know that I get very angered by many of Bill’s liberal ways.  We can forgive him–a little ~ if he persists on addressing this issue regarding the black community (NO, not all, but many blacks.)  

Leftists need blacks to stay bad.

Why? Because it keeps social services in business.  It keeps prison guards employed.  Keeps the food stamp industry and all of their administrative assistants with jobs.  So, they would rather keep these said people (and more) working for big government instead of cleaning up the black community.  Black people need a Joe Clark, now. BADLY.

I want you to take a GOOD look at what the left has done to the black people in America.

This is black America in the 1950’s, up north, singing–wonderful songs of love.  They say ‘a people is known by the music they sing’:

1970’s.. Songs of Love:

Even the early 1980’s, their music was beautiful:

Modern day black leftist ‘singers’ culture of insanity, violence, murder and female degeneration: 

If this is the music that serves to identify, what does that tell you?


Chris Hayes wants blacks to stay bad.

Hate Crime-Tulsa, OK: Son Of Obama Beats White Male Unconscious With Lumber

Tulsa: Son Of Obama Beat A White Male Unconscious With Lumber

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

No hate/race crime here, just another white man beaten for being white and unarmed.  The sons of Obama get away with this because they have a King from Kenya in the White House acting as a Chief Shoe-shiner over America.

"I thought I was going to die," Tom Bush told News On 6. "I thought, ‘this is my last day.'"“I thought I was going to die,” Tom Bush told News On 6. “I thought, ‘this is my last day.'”

Click-(Unarmed White) Tulsa Man Reportedly Beaten Unconscious With Lumber by Armed Black Male – Thought He’d Die

The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

Image result for wake up"

Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT, feminists, atheists etc, etc.  are hated.  What you don’t seem to grasp is that people don’t just hate you out of nowhere. Some people don’t like minorities just because.  But, they are in a very small bracket.

You need to start facing facts:  You are hated because you are shoving your wants (not even needs) before the majority, who are white people and predominantly Christian.  You trample on whites and laugh while you do it. You write defaming articles on websites against white America with smug smiles.  You shove white people around with bogus lawsuits of phoney hatred.  Hatred that is actually in yourselves.

Jewish people are best when they stay out of Liberal politics & bless the nation that hosts them.  Your liberalism is a cancer in this nation.  Your love for militant homosexuality is an abomination and affront to God and you know this.  Your love for abortion is obscene.  Your anti-gun rants should have had you shot for treason long ago.  And, if that was not enough to prove to you that American whites are patient, I don’t know what is.  AIPAC is a waste.  Support Israel all you want, but having huge groups like this will cause resentment in dire strait, economic times.  The Tim Wise’s, the Dan Savages are some of the leading perpetrators of Jew-hatred. THEY are the ones that ‘make anti-semitism happen.’  Many Jews are BAD citizens.  Shameful and embarrassing to right minded, God fearing Jews who just want to live free in this country.  You top it off by calling yourselves the ‘true Jews’.  What a crock.  Repent to America, Humble yourselves.  Your evil is bringing Jew hate on ALL Jews.

Mexican people:  SPEAK ENGLISH. Stop demanding this nation cater to illegal people.  Stop going to welfare offices.  Stop supporting evil people as candidates for house/senate and President.  Encourage fellow Mexicans that don’t want to be legal citizens to GO HOME.  Stop the race-hatred against white American people. Stop pretending that America belongs to you–it doesn’t.   Mexico is for Mexicans, America is supposed to be for Americans. Stop La Raza and send them packing.  Stop your lying protests for ‘equality’.  It is white America who is treated like yesterdays garbage, NOT you.

Muslims:  Stop trying to shut people up that are trying to expose Jihad. And stop wanting to build mosques all over NYC.  ASSIMILATE.

Black people: STOP YOUR RACE-HUSTLING LIES.  A very small bracket of people hate you for your blackness.  They hate you because you are murdering, raping and robbing (mostly whites) all while blaming white people for all of your ills.  Everything is racist to you, BUT-nothing is racist. NOTHING.  This is 2013, not 1963.  Stop demanding whitey owes you–they owe you ZERO.  YOU owe THEM repentance and apology.  Your hip-hop, rap music is disgusting.  STOP IT. 

Bold people like Thomas Sowell, Col. Allen West, Alan Keyes, Star Parker, Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott, author: Raynard Jackson, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, and author Eric Rush to name just a few black conservatives who have been attacked, and called filthy, vile names by the very vermin who claim to be so tolerant.

Homosexuals: STOP thrusting your homosexuality on people that are not kosher with it.  You would have far more friends if you didn’t even converse about your sex life.  All this gay marriage has done has encouraged people to hate you.  Is this truly how you want to live?  Everyone hating you? Having deep animosity toward you?  Leave people alone. 

Feminists: You are not an oppressed class.  Women get equal pay, run for seats in office and are treated FAR better than white males.  Treating men like dogs is not going to help in efforts if violence against women continues.  The abortion fiasco of murder is turning.  Its best you turn with it instead of fighting the tide of people that are against baby-murder.  That’s what it is; Baby murder. 

What these groups need to do:

1. Repent, [change your heart.]

2. Stop harassing patriotic people.  Find common ground. Work toward freedom, work against Obama.  Obama is evil and you know it. Stop sticking up for this Bush 3rd term tyrant.  Help us impeach him, evict him and find a CENTRIST.

3. Fight against leftism.  It is anti-American. It is anti-freedom. It is anti-Constitution. It is also anti-moral.

4. Fight against open borders, it is against national laws.  We didn’t just go broke because of Obama.  We are IN DEBT and cannot afford  any more foreigners.  It has nothing to do with ‘xeno-phobia’.

5. Stop calling people that oppose insane policies- ‘racists, haters, etc’.  We’re not haters, we love our once great nation.  We’re not racists, we are sick of racial crimes perpetrated against white people.  WE are the true ‘anti racists.’

6. Help us work on getting silent prayer back in schools, at least. If a person that does not believe does not want to pray, so?  Why should EVERYONE suffer because of a few?  Thats not ‘collective’.

7. Help to work on INDIVIDUAL freedoms.  Like the 1st Amendment. STOP writing anti-1st Amendment articles and pushing for ‘hate crime’ laws.  People would not hate if you didnt act nuts.

If there is more, fee free to add your opinions and post this all over, thanks.  UNTIL we see a positive change, though, we have to keep dissenting and opposing you.

Real good change as I am describing will unite us.

Obama & War-Mongering GOP Traitors Ginning Up Public To War (WW3) In Syria/Russia Showdown

Obama & War-Mongering GOP Traitors Ginning Up Public To War (WW3) In Syria/Russia Showdown

These people NEVER stop do they?  They just want to murder everyone in the world.  People are sick and tired of war.  Gen Dempsey says that “Risk may be that we will empower Jihadists’.  Isnt THAT novel…WE KNOW…  Boehner says that we will help the ‘right side of rebels.’  Amazing.. You mean the side that cannibalizes or the side that blows themselves up?   The govt plans to arm Syria with 2 billion a month.. What? Borrowing $ from China to attack Syrians? China has told us to butt out.

The US Govt want to remove a legit leader.  I say the legit leader of Syria needs to grab a coalition and remove Obama, the Dems and the GOP–rid America and the world of this bs. Problem would be solved.  And, Israel…You would do best for yourselves to stay out of Obama’s mess. 

FACT:  Syria did NOTHING to threaten us here at home.


Click-Dempsey Offers Options on Dealing With Syria, Says Risks Include Empowering JihadistsCNS

Click-Boehner: Arm the ‘Right Set of Rebels in Syria’CNS

Bill O’Reilly Knocks It Out Of The Park Last Night In A Speech Regarding Black Crimes

Bill O’Reilly Knocks It Out Of The Park Last Night In A Speech Regarding Black Crimes

Very good, Billy Boy…

Bravo to our favorite windbag, Bill O’Reilly.  He totally knocked it out of the park last night regarding many black people.  If more commentators on both sides started addressing this issue, non stop, the black community (as a whole) would be forced to change. And THAT would be a ‘change we could all believe in’.