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Hillary SODOM Clinton Using Race Card. Criticizing Voter ID Laws.  She’s Running For Dictator

Wrong card, jackass.  We’re already miles ahead of you.  We all already know that you will use the SEXIST card to push yourself in as AmeriKa’s first Evita Peron. I would not vote for this snake even if someone offered me 100 million dollars.  What difference does it make? We will be stuck with either a far left wing Commu-NAZI Dem. Or a Marxist-lite GOP jerk like Christie.  We are screwed.  NO wonder so many people are renouncing their citizenship.

So many AmeriKan women will vote this skank in just BECAUSE she is a female.  Not because she is a good leader. She’s a murdering psychopath. Not much more different than Obama. But , women just want to see a female as pres and care nothing for AmeriKa.