We Must ALL Pray That GOD Will Stop Obama’s Syrian War. AND, Stop Obama The Insane From Any More Aggression

We Must ALL Pray That GOD Will Stop Obama’s Syrian War. AND, Stop Obama The Insane

It is past time to pray most fervently.  It is time to pray that God will deal with OBAMA, directly and stop his madness. 

Dear (Whatever name you use for our only ONE GOD)  God, Father, HaShem, Elohim, Jehovah, YahVeh, King of Kings:

Please stop Obama the murderer, a son of Lucifer. One of the most evil men alive.  In your holy word; Daniel 8-25: ‘and in his heart he exerteth himself, and by ease he destroyeth many; and against the prince of princes he standeth — and without hand he is broken.‘  GOD, you are able to stop anyone without even a human hand intervening.  I do not ask for you to do this on account of America. I ask you to deal with this madman for ‘we the planet’.  I realize that there is an ‘end stage’ scenario, but I know that when we pray, you will hear if it is your will-YOUR will is not that more people are murdered by the tyrannical leftists in power of the US govt who pillage without mercy.

Save the Syrian people who are Christians & the  decent-hearted Syrians.  Let not this evil prevail, My God.  We pray this, that you will perform your works and save your little people in Syria. 


Pictures for ALL people of every sect, denomination:


16 thoughts on “We Must ALL Pray That GOD Will Stop Obama’s Syrian War. AND, Stop Obama The Insane From Any More Aggression

  1. To the Eternal One, in spirit I pray that you will deliver the righteous from the snares of the evil ones as you have done in the past. May your will be done as it has been prophesied, nevertheless, I ask that you intervene on behalf of those who seek your ways above their own.

    The final stage is being set. The nations are moving into their predestined roles. Have mercy on us as you deal with the wicked. Amen

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  3. A UN official has CONFIRMED that it is America’s Free Syrian Army Rebels were the group that used the chemical weapons in Syria.
    If the Nigger vermin that psychopath American re-elected to wage relentless war and murder on the rest of the world should attempt to invade/bomb Syria, catastrophic attacks on America by Russia, China and Iran will proceed. Russia has already begun ordering a MASSIVE MILITARY STRIKE against Saudi Arabia in the even that the Deranged, Decadent, Dying, Despotic West attacks Syria. Saudi Arabia,readers dear, is America’s and Arab-Britain’s ARSE those nations worship and lick.

  4. Let’s see how Psychopath Amerikaners defend their EVIL nation and EVIL leaders.

    Wars Were Planned’:Gen Wesley Clark – ‘Seven Countries In Five Years’

    This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

  5. Its not just Russia that will nuke Saudi Arabia. China is readying for war as America’s Lunatic Hagel the Bagel is on the Asian tour stirring Satan’s Pot of War that calls for fresh, innocent blood. Satan demands blood. The Blood of the Unborn of America by Evil Amerikaners is insufficient. The blood of Serbs, the blood of Iraqis, the blood of Libyans, the blood of Egyptians , the blood of Syrians, the blood of Orthodox Christians , is insufficient to assuage the hunger of Satan, nor the INSATIABLE GREED OF US BANKSTERS.

    Hagel announced on Monday that Washington is going forward with a controversial sale of eight attack helicopters to the Indonesian government, despite concerns that the gunships will be used for internal repression. Early last year, when the Apache sale was first publicly discussed, ETAN and about 90 other civil society organizations wrote an open letter to the US Congress, warning, “These aircraft will substantially augment the [Indonesian military’s] capacity to prosecute its ‘sweep operations’ in West Papua [province], and thereby almost certainly lead to increased suffering among the civilian populations long victimized by such operations.” West Papua, for instance, is a resource-rich province that became part of Indonesia under highly contentious circumstances in the 1960s. And the INSATIABLY GREEDY FILTHY AMERIKANER BANKSTERS & ELITE INCLUDING CONGRESS HAVE THEIR EYES ON THOSE RESOURCES!!

  6. Glad you fo great swissdefence. Amerikaners with brains between their legs take umbrage when I tell teh truth. Now they can hear it from their own Evil kind.

  7. Whose blood is being spilt? Who will die by the hundreds, daily? Asians. And Amerikaners care a bloody, fucking hoot. The majority of Amerikaners are EVIL. EVIL people elect EVIL leaders who do Satan’s EVIL work. And that means relentless Wars. The deaths of thousands. Amerikaners love it.

    The 8 attack helicopters will be aimed at the rest of Asia in the coming war between US and China. The CIA, that arm of Satan has been in Indonesia. The US already have their pet poodle to install as ‘president’ in coming days. Then, Hagel ensures that Japan will be used as the US cannon fodder (on the premise that Japs are dying of radiation , anyway) and attack China. At the same time, Philippines has been armed, and has agreed to having the dying US Navy, what’s left of it, that is, to occupy the bases it left behind.
    The US Air Force is planning to lease 33 acres of land on the small Pacific island of Saipan for the next 50 years to build a “divert airfield” on an old World War II airbase .The existing Saipan International Airport – built on a military base is used by Japan.

    This is in accordance with a new strategy called Air-Sea Battle, under which the Pentagon is combining air and naval forces to counter “the increasingly formidable defenses of nations like China or Iran.

    WE SAY: American system is intended to benefit America. Actually American system benefits not even Americans. Their system is a parasitic system based on the British system of global hegemony through mustering up armies to looting others. We don’t want their system, we have our own systems, older historic and more cultured civilized ways that most of us wont sacrifice for western ways which already show signs of decay..America, Britain and the rest of the West are a debauched, degenerate, decrepit, disgusting, genetically challenged, war mongering , murder supporting , psychotic homicidal maniacs who are demon-possessed and cannot understand humans who do not wish to start wars that will kill millions of other humans and produce untold suffering for millions more. Because honour, morals and compassion are qualities that they do not and CAN NOT possess, they do not understand the concepts, judging what people will do by their own in-human blood-thirsty putrid standards. FUKUS citizenry are Self-Haters. That’s what Buddhism teaches. Because they hate themselves so much, they inflict pain to dull their own inner pain. Psychotic Psychopaths. America has 12 million Psychopaths running loose.

  8. BUT……WE are also reminded: “dont correct the enemy when he makes a mistake” – that is the art of war. The Chinese know that very well. China has been around for thousands of years. Nations as America and Mongolia have come and gone. America like Britain & Mongolia is based on Wars & Plunder of the wealth of others through violent aggression occupation and a false sense of fear. China and Russia are patient and are waiting for the US to fall into a trap and bankrupt itself (fall of the dollar preplanned and a courtesy of Israel) then when the US starts a war to keep its hegemony over others, everybody will get involved and dismantle it.

    We also have news that out of the hundred plus countries the Western Cabal has been bullying, it has been reduced to only 8. Germany and the other EU countries have freed themselves of EVIL Cabal. That is why NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen sees no direct military role in Syria for the alliance and warned against any stepped-up western military involvement. Germany is Against military intervention in Syria.

    If China is attacked, Pakistan will attack US forces. America should ready itself to 90,000 dead US forces in Afghanistan. North Korea will pulverize the American forces in South Korea. And is itching to test some missiles on America.
    BTW, in the 1950s,amercia could not defeat China in Korea,and at that time they had nearly every country in the world helping them. They would fare worse now,because nearly country in the world hates them now. The US are overstretched to the point where logistics become a nightmare. China could wipe out those surrounding them in a very short time,whereas the US have to come to into China’s backyard to fight. This would provide China with the same scenario – a turkey shoot. The US will soon take its place next to Bonkers, Broken, Arab-arselicking Britain,the last criminal empire to be toppled .

    In short, the whole world is Against America. Unfortunately, should war break out, every Amerikaner’s life is in danger. The Best Part is: GOD IS AGAINST EVIL AMERICA, too. Pray for Revelation 18 to come to pass.

  9. Oh, I forgot to add this very important, crucial info.

    It costs approximately US$1 million to kill one person with nuclear weapons-of-mass destruction but only approximately US$1 to kill one person with biological weapons-of-mass destruction. Bioweapons are truly the “poor man’s nukes”. The Iranians are known to have a biological weapons program and they, and their allies, certainly have the means to deliver biowar agents into the Israeli and European and North American homelands. Bioweapons do not have to be dispersed via missiles or bombs, they are perfect for non-traditional normally non-military delivery systems. Being very small (there are, for example, typically approximately 40 million bacterial cells in every gram of soil and massively more viruses in the same gram), they lend themselves to an enormous variety of non-detectable methodologies for delivery and use in war, both regionally and globally.

    And Iran has categorically stated any attack on Syria and they will retaliate. Firstly Persians, activate your sleeper cells in America, and in Britain. France should not be a problem with the Algerians already there. Let loose your bio weapons.

    Then, we’ll sit back and watch FUKUS citizenry die. In agony.

    Think about it, FUKUS CITIZENS.

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