Pinochio-Bama: US Troops In FT Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria??!!

Pinochio-Bama: US Troops In FT Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria??!!

Let us pray that this is not truth… but, what can we believe? Obama talks out of his ass. both parties are just chomping at the bit to take us to WW3…

You cannot listen  to what the monkey says, you have to watch what he DOES.  He lies on a daily basis.  In fact, whenever he opens his mouth, its just another lie.  So, what are we to do about this, Ladies?  We are to pray that GOD will continue To Break Obama.

(Sep. 11, 2013) — Columnist Dan Bubalo, writing at Mychal Massie’s website, The Daily Rant, has reported that soldiers at Ft. Hood, TX have been ordered to deploy to Egypt and Syria – See more atMychal Massie

This is not ‘new news’ by the way.  This was reported in June by the Huffington Post: 900 U.S. Troops In Jordan To Boost Security In Wake Of Syria ConflictPatriot batteries, F-16s and US troops near Syrian border;   EVELOPING: U.S. Marines Deploying On Jordanian/Syrian Border. Maybe not from FT HOOD, but they are deployed, nonetheless

Peace prize winner, Pinochio-Bama is just a war mongering liar.  We need those troops out of there.  Benghazi just suffered another bombing today.


16 thoughts on “Pinochio-Bama: US Troops In FT Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria??!!

  1. You know why HUSSEIN 0bama is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? He’s a Muslim. He attended the mosques and the madrassah in the world’s most populous muslim country to study Wahhabism where Satan’s doctrine is taught , which is Lying and Deceiving. That is what muslims are taught from infancy. That is what muslims do. That is how muslims live. His allegiance is to his ‘god’ of Evil, Mass Deaths, Mass Destruction. Satan’s doctrine contains 164 very VIOLENT verses against non muslims.

    HUSSEIN 0bama is revenging for Nidal Hassan, a fellow muslim, a brother, who was handed the death sentence by an Infidel Court. Muslims do not recognize the validity of civil courts. Only sharia. And according to sharia, Nidal Hassan would have been honoured.

    He called the massacre of 13 American GIs at Fort Hood ‘workplace violence’, never voiced sorrow for the tragedy. Why should he? He is a muslim. Those that were murdered by his fellow muslim brother were infidels, non muslims, human garbage that were disposed.

    The blood of those that were murdered at Fort Hood is also on the hands of those who re-elected the Muslim Mass Murderer. Hell has already prepared its fire for them.

  2. Russia has a 300 year history of killing muslims.

    America has a history of arselicking muslims, as does the rest of the English speaking world. Just look how they allow muslim immigration, rapes of their women, and do all to protect their muslims.

    The West has NO SHAME. Russia, situated in Eurasia has a lot of shame. Like the Orient, Russia will not elect a Clown, a Liar, a Muslim to be their leader. There is much dignity, honour, and pride out here.

    Losing Face is a huge loss for one’s continued time on earth. A man with a whit of decent dignity would bow a thousand times to the nation for failing, and resign. A more decent and dignified man would commit seppuku and save his family , atone his sins against the country from world disgrace and mockery.

    In the West, Cowards, Failures are lauded by stupid lemmings to Continue disgracing Country, People, and welcome Defeat. That’s why the West promotes anus fucking, savvy?

  3. {{And Russia is prepared to meet Obama the INSANE}}
    Vladimir Putin showed the world that America elects a girlie boy to do a man’s job. A never-held-a-job-before cocaine snorter, a known anus fucker, a liar is pushed into the WH. Who is bringing disaster and utter, utter ruin to a once great nation. Amerikaners were not content with 4 year s of disaster and ruin. They want to prove to the world they are the Bestest Masochists and the Stupidest. They re-elected the Nigger for another 4 years.

    One has to read between the red lines. One has to question why NATO will not be involved in Syria. Rassmussen has pushed it to the UN to resolve the ‘chemical weapons’ issue. The UN has said NO to attacking Syria. Why? Because NATO and the UN know that Russia and China stand ready to take on the Lunatic Anglo Saxons. With Libya, and with Serbia, the Craven Cretins of America destroyed the nations, plundered all its wealth, ripped organs from living Serbian boys for organ transplant at Rockefeller hospitals for the degenerate `1%, kidnap little girls and boys from Serbia for sodomy and sacrifice to their god Lucifer. The bitch ‘queen’ of Britain does it. That’s why new born babes in Britain today get kidnapped by their ‘social services’. Recent case, last week. Google story if interested. The father of the newborn took photos of the kidnap of his son on his Iphone.

  4. This time round, China and Russia, along with North Korea, Iran, Hizbollah, and some nations of Shanghai Cooperation are ready to battle. China and North Korea do not take prisoners.
    With China, the tactics of the West, and Saudi Arabia aimed at the “balkanization” of the Arab East are considered by China with a view of moving further to the Asian continent and its territory. China like Russia, formally supported the operation in Libya was furious when a plan for an air corridor ended in a massacre and the loss of its investment in the country. According to Chinese media reports, 75 Chinese companies worked in Libya. The number of employees in Libya in early 2011 was 36,000 people, and the total sum of signed contracts amounted to over 18, 8 billion dollars, which is more than 50 construction projects. Now the number of Chinese personnel in Libya is barely a thousand people, and all projects are frozen. China does not want to repeat those mistakes, hence the reason for supporting the Syrian government. Besides, China does excellent business with Iran, paying in yuan, rubles, or GOLD. Not the shitty US/Petrodollar. Furthermore, over the past two decades, China has built in Iran houses, bridges, dams, tunnels, railways, pipelines, power plants as well as a subway in Tehran. China has invested heavily in the countries of Arab East. And it could lose everything if it concedes to the INSATIABLY GREEDY Imperial ambitions of the United States of Al Qaeda. That’s why China is ready to commit warships and 1000 marines ready to battle. China has its missiles too. And only has to signal North Korea to do an EMP on America and paralyse the USAQ with its cyberwarriors. And China would have the opportunity to do what America did , as routine: Try out its new weapons and missiles. Sauce for the goose should also be for the gander, no?

    Contrast with the oh so democracy, human rights, BULLSHIT Bankrupt, corrupt America that only knows one method: Invade, Murder, Plunder at will. And then tom tom to the world: the right to protect.

    Both China and Russia do not care for Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, or organ eating jihadists. That love belongs to the muslim arselicking West. Both China and Russia have a reputation of talk later, kill first.
    What both nations should do is drag the Nigger, the nation known as The United States of Al Qaeda (formerly America) to the World Court, declare it a PARIAH STATE, and call for total Boycott and ISOLATION of that Terrorist Nation.

    Then, we can all carry on business, revive the Silk Road and prosper like the blooming of a thousand peonies. The American people can enjoy living in tents, tunnels, caves, cars, and eat green peas.

  5. BTW, American COWARDS sending their mothers, sisters, and daughters to battle the Chinese and Russia marines will not work. In war, these men are immune to cunts, while they look out for anus fuckers to kill.

    Yet, the great Statesman and Leader Vladimir Putin makes a plea to the American people (for what good it will do) for caution regarding Syria
    Unlike the vacillating, shifting, lying Nigger America has for a leader.

  6. QV: Obama and his leftist assholes will not listen. Ditto the die hard neo-con type patriot- Hence, they know not who they toy with: God.

    It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States. Is it in America’s long-term interest? I doubt it. Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan “you’re either with us or against us.”

    It is totally obvious who the leader is here:

    My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal

    God HATES Obama and is with Putin. I have said this a thousand times. I do NOT see America as being ‘exceptional’ (not for DECADES) because this is not 1958 or 1988. It is 2013 and a MUSLIM bastard is in charge.

    I am off to bed–probably dream of Russian and Chinese troops.. on our soil.. But, I warned, over and over I warned…

  7. ALSO, QV, it is evident to me that Putin also is a person who does NOT want to go to war, but is preparing to meet the morally debauched America in battle.
    Why would Mothers send their sons to fight….?
    Because AmeriKa is USSR + NAZI Germany now and they’ll do what they’re told

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  9. WOW! And WOW again. Kudos MJ. What an absorbing comment.
    September 11, 2013 at 10:09 PM

    And you thought you were not good at writing? I take my hat off — you’re great!

  10. As I keep saying: Russians are CIVILISED. Americans are HOODLUMS. The proof is in the leaders they elect — mirror image of themselves. Exceptional people – Pah, my arsehole!

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  14. Thx QV, I used to be a GREAT writer and wrote for newspapers..
    But I am so lazy now b/c of carpal tunnel and only rage that engages my poor pea-brain.

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