Liberal ‘Jews’ Are DUMB:  Jarrett Is Iranian.  Stop Bitchin About Iran-You Brought This On Yourselves!


In 2008, 79% American Jews are reported to have voted in their pal, Barack Hussein Osama.  In 2012, the # dropped to 69%.  Some Jews got a clue about the the bastard in the White house, thank God.  Out of that 69% dummies, 15% are hard core Bolsheviks that should be hanged for treason.

NOW, the Liberal Jews and AIPAC are bitchin today about peace talks and Iran.  Netanyahu, the Socialist is crying about Iran being a ‘honey pot.’  Jarrett is an IRANIAN.  The Liberal ‘Jews’ know this and trusted in Obama, anyway. Proving that they are dumber than a bag of hammers.. who claim they are these ‘staunch supporters’ of Israel..  So, what war with Iran? Jarrett?  Ha Ha Ha… Sure..   Personally, I may be ‘naive’ about Iran, I don’t know, but I have not seen them as an aggressor in their part of the world.  Maybe I am wrong, who knows?   I don’t see why everyone is scared of them. I dont like them because of the 444 days of American hostages.   My husband says they have nuke capability.   Really?  But, it seems like that noise has been going on forever.  They want to wipe out the “Zionist” regime – Almost All Muslims would like to do that, ditto many nutty ‘Jews’ and NAZIs.   I dont know what to think anymore about Iran.  I neither like them or hate them. I think nothing OF them.

My thoughts are this:  If Israel is a God-fearing Jewish state, then wouldn’t HaShem protect them?  My answer is yes and amen.  So, why does everyone ALWAYS worry about Israel?  Because they lack faith in God.  I don’t.  HaShem promises time and time again, that when Israel obeys holy Jewish laws and fears God, HE will be with them–they need nobody IF they do just that.

Just keep doing what you do best, dumbbell Liberal ‘Jews’: Keep voting in the Democrats who hate you instead of being Independent like me.   Keep supporting your enemies while you scream ‘anti semitism.’  Who cares anymore, you create anti-semitism every time you speak….