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OUTRAGE! Hobby Lobby Does Not Sell Jewish Items. But, Jewish Stores Don’t Sell Christian Items, Either…

A thought to ponder before reading:  Did someone make a story up to attack Hobby Lobby because they won the case against the Obama admin and do not have to give their employees Obama-care???


Let me be quite clear:  I deplore Jew haters.  But, the ones that I deplore are the ones that come here and hate me for just existing as a Jew. (Although, I am actually born into both faiths because of my parents [Mom is a Jew] & like & respect both faiths.)    My husband is 100% Jewish….Therefore, I will always stand by his side because he is wonderful.. I do not like folks who hate Jews, just because. “A tree is known by its FRUIT”, is it not??

Granted, little crafters all over America that are Jewish are not near as large as Hobby Lobby.  I have also hear that the CEO of the Hobby Lobby is an anti-semite.  This could be true.   Well, here is a newsflash for my Jewish friends;  Many non-Jews hate Jews.  And, here is another fact:  Many Jews don’t like Christians, either.  Tit for tat..Right?

A sure-fire way to MAKE anti-semitism happen is to cry about garbage like this without looking at the America-hating Communist “Jews” who defame our people, daily- like Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, Henry Waxman, Lois Lerner, ETC.  We get NO help when the Jews refuse to call them out–-out of fears.  


The facts:

1.  You can walk into ANY Jewish store and you will NOT ever see a cross, Mary & Jesus, a Christmas tree, or a Happy Easter card..

2.  You can walk into almost ANY Christian small mom and pop shop and you will also not see any Menorahs, Kippahs or prayer shawls.

In this country, we have been granted the right of religious freedom.  This also means in business.  If the owner does not want to sell Jewish items, he does not have to.  If a Jewish owner does not want to sell Christian items, he does not have to.  If we want to exist as a ‘free’ people (As free as you can be with Democrat-Communists in charge)  You must not trample on right of religious freedoms.    One last thing:  The owner of Hobby Lobby may be a serial Jew hater,  but this event (plus boycotting) will just cause him and his employees to hate the Jews all the more, now..  

My 2 cents this morning.

Green, Pres of Hobby Lobby:

“We do not have any problems selling items that celebrate Jewish holidays,” Green said. “We have in the past and have decided we would try it again in some of the markets where we have Jewish population.”  Meaning he does not want to lose money..And, we Jews can relate to that.

This post is closed.  If people cant see my heart in this post, then go screw yourselves.