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Commie (Liberal) ‘Jews’ Helped To Create Pigs Like Miley Cyrus, Now Complain She Said Something “Anti-Semitic”?

“Liberal Jews” In America need to grow a backbone, they bring constant defamation to right-minded Jewish people with their compulsive whining.

Anti semitic/ism” in words, etc.. occurs when some pig says something intentionally, with hatred to the Jewish people.   Cyrus is a dumbbell, not even knowing what  the hell she is saying.

‘Liberal Jews’ (Commies) should have realized ages ago, that a godless society would create animosity toward themselves.  The Liberal “Jews” here in America could have lived in their shitty, little, Commie communities all they wanted and stayed to themselves…  They should not have helped push it onto our lives by FORCE.  That’s why “Liberal” Jews are not Jewish or liberal at all–they are COMMUNISTS.

The hag, Cryus said nothing really ‘anti semitic’.  These dumb, Liberal, gasbag “Jews” are always crying over nothing.  They don’t know what real Jew-hatred is–at all.  I deal with it, daily.  I endure being told to “Go to the ovens..I’m a Zio-whore, kike bitch, Hitler was right…” Mostly by leftists.  You name the nasty things that can be said to the Jews and I deal with it..   What the hell did this idiot say?  Nothing of any real relevance.  It’s preposterous.  She probably works with a bunch of Jewish exec’s, producers who help this tripe put out really bad music.. What the hell ever happened to my people?? They used to produce and write beautiful music.. You “Liberal Jews” really are morons, now.

The scum also said some really nasty things about Christianity-: Miley Cyrus Incites Rage After Tweeting About ‘Forget Jesus‘ Photo.  Christians probably just said: “She’s going to hell” and left it at that.

GET A GRIP YOU STUPID COMMIES!  All of this crying wolf is going to backfire on your lousy asses.

DEAL WITH THIS PIG, Liberal “Jews”, You helped to create her with your love for every evil under the sun……..