A Simple Prayer……….

Embrace the right way.  P. AsheDina, TMJ C. 2013

My mother has been waking up feeling ‘doom & gloom.’  My mom does not get this type of feeling too much.  I do.  Since I was young, I could see things ahead of time: see bad things coming, see good things coming.  It’s a gift I believe I have had since I turned my eyes to God in  1987.  Almost just about everything that God showed me has come to pass, or I am waiting for it to come to pass.   Through thick and thin, bad and good, God has never failed me.   I  have failed many times.  But, God has not ever failed me.   As I ponder on my mother’s fear lately,  I have to take heed to her and prepare more than ever.  Get more food & dry goods.   More ammunition for hunting, or even having to protect my home.  Protect my small family of my husband and our German Shepard. 

QV says that we should all get out of dodge.. Well, in a way he is right.  But, that is easier said than done.  Plus, I believe we are in the end of the ages.  I believe the whole world will be enveloped in evil.  The only way ‘out’ is to turn to God because we will ALL see death–that is inevitable.  So, why just leave?  Pretty soon, it will be an all out war of evil vs. good.  God vs Satan, the Devil.  We know who wins: GOD.

  While we all believe in the same God, HaShem (Jews call God, HaShem), Jehovah, YahVeh, El Shaddhi, King of all Kings.  Jesus (Christians believe Jesus is the son of God or equal to God)–We may not all have the same religion and that is OK,  as long as we all embrace the same creator of the Torah & the world.   I like both spiritual Judaism, true Christianity and I also love many Buddhist teachings..I don’t really embrace ‘religion.’  Bottom line is to put our trust in the unseen, but ever present GOD.  Now is the hour also – for non religious patriots to join together with us (or vc versa) and at least give our pleas to God, maker of ALL things.

Here is a song.  Meditate, just listen…

God bless,

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  1. There is only one God and He alone will I serve till my dying day. He gave my life meaning and blessed my family with purpose. Thanks for sharing this simple prayer.

  2. Memorise Psalm 91. Recite it several times/day.
    Jehovah’s Canopy of Protection, anytime, everytime.

  3. Amen to Psalm 91–it is the psalm of protection.

    TMJ: Your mother feeling doom and gloom might be right on target. This may be a stretch, but I believe Las Vegas may be seeing its last days.

    “Goodbye, Las Vegas”

    Just thought you would like to see this–it is from John McTernan:


    Here is a very significant quote from John McTernan’s post:

    “On pages 91-94 in a section titled Roosevelt’s Fatal Mistake, I reported that the death of the president coincided with him stating publicly that he would never allow a Jewish state, in then, what was called Palestine. He made this proclamation to King Saud of Saudi Arabia in a letter dated April 5, 1945. Exactly one week later on April 12, 1945, President Roosevelt died and was replaced by Harry Truman. Truman was one of the greatest Zionists in the world and used his presidency to insure the birth of the modern state of Israel on May 14, 1948.”

    This reminds me of Martin Luther. Martin Luther did some good things, but he was anti-semitic. Just one week before Luther died, he preached a very anti-semitic sermon. People should not speak against Israel–because they are speaking against God.

    “The Living Water of Bethlehem”

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