More Humiliation For Obama: (FORBES) Putin Tops Obama In Power Ranking. RESIGN Obama

More Humiliation For Obama:  Putin Tops Obama In Power Ranking. RESIGN Obama

More embarrassment for Hussein Obama. The Narcissist in chief must be gagging over this latest humiliation:

Having outfoxed Hussein on Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pipped Barack Obama to the title of the world’s most powerful leader as ranked by Forbes on Wednesday.

God wants Obama to resign.  Save us impeachment.  We will already face hell for our national sins. But, GOD wants Obama OUT.

9 thoughts on “More Humiliation For Obama: (FORBES) Putin Tops Obama In Power Ranking. RESIGN Obama

  1. Give it three more weeks. Your prayer might be answered.
    If Israel hits Iran before Iran has enough material to make a nuclear weapon and a proto-type to test, that will kick-start the Middle East region in war, and that will spread globally, including right here, in America. Numb Nuts might declare Martial law, and that will start the shooting. Israel says Iran is four weeks away from a nuclear weapon and must strike before that or, before the main reactor goes active (to prevent horrific radiation leakage into the air). Two, to three weeks. Numb Nuts might have some heavy duty problems on his hands. He will not side with the American People, and will side with Jihadists. Sit back, relax, and watch it happen. It’s coming. {Higgaion}

  2. Brit, I have a gig, so have to get.

    But, Israel says this every yr. I believe that Obama is in such a piss poor spot that he will have to resign.
    Of course, I could be wrong..

    TTYL 😀

  3. Brit,
    Obamanazi is waiting for ANY reason to declare martial law and enslave us all, just waiting for both shoes to drop and why we must be prepared, ready as possible here state side.

    I wish the West, Israel had already leveled Iran and other Muslim dung heaps long ago. Too many missed opportunities. I believe in PEACE through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER and wielding a big stick and using it when really necessary.

    II would love to see Obama resign. Even Nixon resigned! I do not think Obozo will. He should be removed however it must be done but then this makes me a racist.:), of course.

  4. Vladimir Putin displays many attributes of the modern Renaissance Man. He’s a vigorous yet contemplative gentleman of refinement and culture with an admiration for various art forms and a genuine appreciation for the diverse beauty and splendor of nature.
    It was Putin who prevented WWIII. It was Putin who stared down America’s ally Saudi Arabia’s Psychopath Bandar when that vile islamist/jihadist threatened murder at Russia’s Winter Olympics.

    Putin, who both at home and abroad is recognized as having an authentic character, repeatedly demonstrates sane, balanced actions, as he declares the rule of law and common sense governance as the goals of the nation and backs it up with corresponding actions, he naturally enjoys widespread support and trust.

    Compared with America’s anus fucking/anus hunting/anus murderer Nigger 0bama who is at war with Christianity, the Bible, and Christians in America, in the Middle East, and who murders in glee with his drones the innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    A nation gets what they deserve based on the character of its people. LBGT is verboten in Russia. LBGT is celebrated in all ‘holiness’ in America. So, reader dear, which nation is Sodom & Gomorrah destined for the Fires hailing from Heaven?

    Oh, btw, the bitter reality is plain: America does not have the means or the political will to successfully attack Iran. In fact, Tehran has gained such influence over the Middle East that the US couldn’t even extricate itself from Iraq without ITS HELP.
    America’s foreign policy toward Iran is a patent demonstration of the fulfillment of an end-time prophecy. “I will break the pride of your power,” (Leviticus 26:19). America had its Will removed by God since the Vietnam War.

    Will Israel attack Iran? No. Bible prophecy protects Iran till…….. Ezekiel 38-39.

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