Is This Police Brutality? Policeman Tackles Teen, Then Tazers Him

Is This Police Brutality? Policeman Tackles Teen, Then Tazers Him

I don’t know what to make of it.  I have seen so much crime, beatings, murders perpetrated by black Obama voters that I don’t even feel sorry.  So, I am asking my friend, Brit what he thinks.  He is a former NY Police officer. What say you, Brit??

See-Damn: Teenager Gets Rocked After Police Officer Football Tackles Him On The Floor Then Tazes Him!

7 thoughts on “Is This Police Brutality? Policeman Tackles Teen, Then Tazers Him

  1. It would be justifiable if the aggressive action continued, and if the officer involved felt that continued aggressive action or assault against him could, possibly, inflict serious physical injury or death of the officer. Get punched in the temple, maybe he felt the perpetrator was trying to disarm him. Multiple factors involved where the action could, possibly, be justifiable.
    Back in my day… I was involved in many a street fight. Cops prided themselves on being fantastic fighters. There were fewer police involved shootings, and the shootings that did take place involved fewer bullet projectiles exiting the service weapon muzzle. That means, at times, people did, in fact, get lumped up. Lawyers and liberal judges, always sided against the police and left no recourse to maintain order the old fashioned way. I always mention this if I am uncertain if a lawyer is a liberal. Weeds them out, e-v-e-r-y time. 😉

  2. Notice in the video, after the swarm, the subject is continuing to resist arrest. Less than deadly physical force, in this instance is, justifiable.

  3. Clinton employed psychopaths into the police force. Read that police tasered a youth in a wheelchair, tasered a down syndrome youth, tasered a senior wheelchair bound vet. Amerikaners elect these scums.

  4. In America there are no citizens, only Serfs. And Serfs must know their place. Gift from the Muslim psychopath Amerikaners elected to supervise their slavery and eventual doom. Enjoy!

    Keep singing god bless america, amerikaners. Satan is most delighted!

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