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Here We Go Again:  The”No Jews Died On 9/11″ LIE.


I will tell ya.. I have learned to take a lot of garbage on the net and not that many things get to me as they used to.. But, this one conspiracy takes the cake:

“Hey MJ, how come NO Jews died on 9/11?, Why do you want to kill all the goyim?”

Are people friggin nuts?  Come on, already.. Don’t you know what building got hit?  The WTC was a place where people TRADED.  DUH!! Jewish people in NYC have been stock traders for decades.. You believe they ‘run all the banks’, but were not involved on this certain day where money is being made.. KOO KOO. Hundreds of Jews were murdered on 9/11.  And, here’s another for ya:  Guess what?  Israel DIDN’T do 9/11.  And, you’re all insane.  I am not even going to delve because it’s just a waste of my time.  I already have to contend enough with stupid, Commie/Liberal ‘Jews’ who make my little Jewish friends nuts just like me, but I am really tired of hearing crap like this.

Thanks to Robert Lindsay’s research (OH MAN!! I’m using ‘goy’ Robert) [Eyeroll] Click here: “

Small excerpt of Jews who perished on 9/11:

Lee Alan Adler, 48, was a computer designer at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Adler was a member of the board of trustees of Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield, New Jersey, where memorial services were held for him. He was married to his wife. Alice, for 15 years and had a 12-year old daughter. His daughter wrote in a February 22, 2002 message on an internet memorial site, “Daddy I love you!”

Joshua Aron, 29, was an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. Joshua’s father, Barry Aron, says, “Not a minute goes by in a day that I don’t think about Josh. … It’s like part of you being ripped out and you can’t replace it.” Barry talks to his son’s widow, Rachel daily. Mr. Aron and Rachel would have celebrated their first wedding anniversary on September 16, 2001. Memorial services were held at the Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside, New York.


By the way…This is how you talk effectively to a Jew hater, friends:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enough already. I’m tired of this. There is work to do. Communists to stop.