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Obama’s Nasty Sons Attacking Religious Jews In Crown Heights, NYC

Police are investigating a series of seven attacks on Jews in Crown Heights, trying to determine whether they’re the product of anti-Semitic bias or simply a twisted “knockout” game being played by street hoods.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Hate Crimes Task Force was looking into the two misdemeanor assaults, as well as three acts of graffiti vandalism and a claim of verbal harassment.  Read more: here

What are the religious Jewish people in NYC NOT getting?

Black comes first.  

When you wake up to that, don’t expect the cops to help you, either.  Carry guns and USE THEM..  Enough P.C./COMMUNISM!  Pop Chassid says: The Failure Of The Crown Heights Police Force To Protect Its Jewish people.  The cops are PARALYZED because of ‘political correctness!!!’ Duh!  NYC Assemblyman Dov Hikind says: Attacks on Jews in Crown Heights MUST be Addressed – explaining that they are attacked because they are Jews.  That may very well be.. But black people all over the country (Obama-voting filth) are ALWAYS attacking whites or people who look white.  JEEZZZZZZZZZ WAKE UP!  Read my husbands posts.  This is an everyday event, now: “Black on White Crime” | by David Ben Moshe

More: NYPD probes black teens playing ‘knock out the Jew’

“Every Jew, a 22”  -Rabbi Kahane was right.  And you know it.