Religious, Right Minded Jews Paying the Price For “Liberal” (Commie) “Jew” Multi-Culture Insanity

Religious, Right Minded Jews Paying the Price For “Liberal” (Commie) “Jew” Multi-Culture Insanity (Pardon my writing, its the dragon software that is not working)

Daven and prayers for our fellow Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for these unjust attacks.

I always predicted that right-minded or religious Jews would be the ones to pay the price for the left-wing ‘Jewish’ creeps and I am right.  Sadly, I have been vindicated.  Where is Mark Potok?  Probably concentrating on some fake white-supremacist.  Where is Abe Foxman?  Probably up Obama’s ass.  Multi-culture does NOT work if you teach ‘minorities’ to be savages. OBVIOUSLY.

 In Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Obama’s hate-filled sons are beating up Jews just for being Jewish: More racially motivated mob attacks in Brooklyn.  People who believe that Jews are ‘taking over the world’ are on this thread: NYPD probes black teens playing ‘knock out the Jew, saying “They deserve it”, “Good, Karma.”  “Paybacks a bitch” etc and so on.

NO, they do not deserve this. At all. Hasidic are not rich and are usually very well read in the word of God.  And, this is always what happens:  Every 70 years or so.  Evil, Commie, immoral ‘Jews’ like George Soros get away with murder and their religious counterparts pay the price for their sin.

The men and women in these attacks are Hasidic Jews who are being beaten just for being Jews.  These Jews (for the most part,) are A-political.  And, if they are involved in politics, it is almost always conservative. Some aren’t.  But, for the most part, Orthodox Jews are patriotic like Savage and Levin.  Maybe not your idea of patriotism, but they ARE patriotic, nonetheless. Maybe they are not YOUR idea of religious, but that’s just opinion. These Hasidics should go upstate and buy guns and learn to shoot and don’t be afraid to shoot. F’k these savage blacks.

I hope you “Liberal” (Commie) anti-Judaism ‘Jews’ are happy, this is what YOU have done to your fellow Jews just for multi-culture, Communism failure.  Yimach Shemo. Go rot in hell forever,  you evil pigs – who LOVE abortion, ‘gay’ marriage, worship BAD blacks and every filthy thing under the sun. Me & mine lift a finger to help you–EVER.

We will continue to post and help our fellow American whites in their oppression at the hands of Obama’s evil sons & pray that patriotic bloggers would start doing the same. Crimes against whites or those who ‘look’ white should be shouted from the rooftops whenever it is a black perp.  It is RACISM. It is HATE.

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    Time to focus attention on this subject. Readers that are Black, and Conservative pay additional attention, because you do not need garbage of your race doing harm to your hard work. I also point out White trash, so here it is, the low Black trash that only other Blacks need to bring up, on your own. Let’s call out Evil, for what it is, and where we find it.

  2. Oh how horrible and painful to read. How terrible that this should be happening again. I am so sorry, and though a Christian, will join you in prayer of protections and justice.

  3. TMJ,

    The right minded Jews should fund a pro-white, Middle American resistance movement, or we’re all going down together. They wll have to acknowledge the truth that liberal Jews were the secret ingredient that made whacky liberalism so powerful, but so what? It’s something that needs to be acknowledged,all of it needs to be soundly rejected by right minded Jews, and then war must declared against it.

    Whites are a forgiving bunch. We’re not likely to make the grandchildren of the right minded Jews feel guilty for waht the commie Jews did. The children and grandchildren of WWII vets are marched into the Holocaust museum to feel guilty; I don’t think we’ll do the same to Jews, though.

    As far as this White Gentile can see, 99.9% of Jews are commie Jews, anti-white Jews. I don’t like that state of affairs — if even just 5% of Jews were pro-White, we could take this country back.

    I sure wish there were more like you, TMJ.

    How do you like Denise over at the CBS story? Isn’t she a riot?

  4. You could teach Gentiles Hebrew, and smuggle them into Israel, so they can fight African infiltrators as well make sure that liberal-commie “Jews” have no place to flee to.

  5. Thx, Oogen.. But, I’ll stay here and wait for the shootin to start… I didnt get dressed up fer nuttin 😉

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