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Biden Visits Anti Christian “Fasters” For Illegals. Since When Does GOD Endorse Breaking Laws?

God is all ABOUT Law. Ask any Orthodox Jew about The 613 Commandments.


Any Jew that is for illegals, first – is not a Jew.  He/She is a ‘Jew’ who hates God & Gods laws.  Ditto with Christians.  Christianity’s roots are Hebrew.  These phonies who ‘fast’ for illegal immigration are just that: PHONY.  Want America to be more in debt and believe, somehow, that God breaks laws in order to fulfill Communism.   We have enough immigrants here.   Americans are tired of allowing criminals who are already law-breakers, citizenship. 

Every nation has boundaries and laws.  If you do not enforce your law, you will become a godless, lawless society with ‘knock-out’ games, rape, murder and mayhem.  Is this really what you touchy-feely COMMUNIST “Progressives” want?  

The scripture in the Torah about ‘loving the alien in your midst’ means just that, love a stranger.  It does NOT mean: BREAK THE LAW. God does NOT encourage breaking mans laws.

Biden the satanic, Obama-stooge says they will pass ‘immigration reform’.  We don’t need reform, we need these son-of-a-b*tches in congress to OBEY the law.

Click-Biden visits immigration reform fasters


If ‘religious’ people cannot take care of the folks already in our nation, how can you call yourself a Jew or a Christian?  Bottom line, you are a LIAR with an agenda.