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San Diego: Japanese Woman Victim Of “Knock Out”, Media Completely Censors Race


Slate, Think Progress and an array of other left wing sites say these crimes are fictitious and made up by the vast right wing conspiracy.  My wife is tweeting Jamelle Boui who wrote about these ‘fake’ crimes on “The Daily Beast” here

@jbouie Thats not the point, jackass. The point is EQUALITY. Black people should not B censored. UR a liar who HIDES crime based on COLOR

@U_r_as_puddy @ExposingLibs @jbouie If it was in REVERSE, it would be FRONT PAGE NEWS. STOP hiding racial crimes.


This is the news for the Japanese woman who has been ‘knocked out’

Here: San Diego Woman Is Latest “Knock-Out Game” Victim (Video)