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Ghetto Insanity: ‘Hit That Sharkeisha Dance’ & Sharkeisha Music Videos

Sharkeisha is one of Obama’s kids….. 

sharkiesha straightfromthea sfta

“It takes a village to raise a Sharkeisha”

Now, sons of Obama sing, dance & write songs about “Sharkeisha”, the young black girl who punched her best friend in the face.   Sharkeisha’s buddy ‘took her man.’    I, personally, tried to help Sharkeisha and her friends, but they believe violence is the only way.  That’s Obama’s community…   C of CC wrote a post about Sharkeisha:  Skarkeisha, the poster girl for the decline of the African American community  *YO DOG, DAT BE TRUF, SHE SHO NUFF IS!

This idiot says (below)  I LOVE YOU, SHARKISHA! He is a welfare recipient that you fine folks pay for…

Dang, YO!!  Dis be the chillin-est one evah. Majah cool an shit:

Does this Make ya proud to be an American, Knowing Obama is one of them & these are his kids….??