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MI Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate: ‘Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Suspect” THATS RACIST!!

The Communists will probably demand this candidate to ‘tow the line’–or else…

He believes Obama is a fraud.. Well, sane Americans believe that as well.  However, there is a slight chance that BHO pretended he was ‘born in Kenya’ to look ‘cool’, back in the 1990’s.. Its highly probable..

See the link here

Asked if he believed Mr. O. was born in Hawaii, he said, “No.”

Asked if he believed Mr. O. was born in the United States, he said. “No.”

As a private investigator, Mr. McFarlin argues the document the White House issued to end this never-ending flap is suspect.

How’s so?

He claims the term “African-American” appears on the line for race on the birth certificate and Mr. McFarlin says at the time Mr. Obama was born the term was not in use. He argues the term should have been “Negro.”

ARGH!!! Evil, white racist!! OH NO, MR BILL!!  We have said this all along..