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More Obama Blowback: American Teacher Is Shot & Killed In Benghazi, Libya. More “Hoax”, @mmfa ?

Media Matters for America’s David Brock says that Benghazi-gate is a ‘hoax’, made up by evil, right-wing racists, yada yada.  Explain this death, you idiot.  No, it’s not an ambassador, just another American fatality in Obama’s Dead Pool

The problem with the ‘hoax’, you asinine, jerk-off is that your Comrade, Obama LIED and then covered it up.  And, you already know that if this was a Repub prez, it would have at least made the Communist news.   If this was America, 1972, we would see a resigned Prez, not one that is protected by Democrats………!!

Teacher Shot, see here... (Tammy Bruce hat tip)

Kirkus(Commie) Reviews Praises ‘The Benghazi Hoax‘