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Communism Gun Grab: NYC Has Turned Over Its Citizens To Criminals, Murderers, Rapists.  DO NOT EVER SAY THAT “LIBERALS” ARE FOR THE PEOPLE.  THEY ARE FOR CRIMINALS.  THIS IS 100% PROOF.


New York City is fallen.. To Communism.

AND, NYC now has it’s Communist dictator to the max in Bill DeBlasio.  We have advised sane New Yorkers to get out, ASAP.  This has made me absolutely sick this morning (the gun confiscation).  Many people will die in NYC.  They will be robbed, raped, untold horrors.  Wealth confiscated as well. Everything they worked for will be gone.  It’s just a matter of time before they take ALL of their guns.. I posted about NYC guns being taken a week ago, but it hit me this morning, hard.  

I loved NYC very much as a kid growing up.  Now, it is gone with the wind.  It is no more.   I believe it is deserved but still am heartsick over this.  I have warned and warned for decades about these Communist “Liberals” to no avail and now my worst thoughts & rants are happening right before my eyes..  As it comes to pass, the “Liberals” will say we are “Conspiracy theorists” as they disarm you.  Keep believing them…Sheep 😦

NYC: Kill 5 People in Defense But Not 6 – “Immediately Surrender Your Rifle, Shotgun”

As they are confiscating guns in NYC,    Again, I ask you, if they are not Communists, why the purge of the military?  List Of 17 Generals/Admirals & High-Ranking.

Goodbye NYC..