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Minimum Wage BS: Commie”Liberals” Want To Turn USA Into A Protest Capital Like S. Africa

If you have signed an application to work a certain job and you have agreed to accept $8.00 per hour, that is your problem, not the business that hired you.  YOU signed the contract, oh, eternal malcontent…


Expect to see Communist protests all over American cities because Commie “Liberals” are globalists.  Meaning, they take their insanity global to make nations miserable because they are hateful people.  If these Commies don’t get their way, they’ll just start burning things. “Liberals” are a serious cancer.

The nuts in South Africa protest delivery services: See for yourself.

The ‘flash mob’ loot stores and steal millions in jewelry & other in S.A: See here

The Commies there are thrusting the militant LGBT insanity in S.A. as well: Click

Same idiot ‘racial profiling’ in the workplace as America: Click

Excerpt of above story:

“We know the facts that the majority of black people in this country are still suffering under terrible conditions whether it’s living or socio-economic conditions, as well as educational inequality’

Same speak here in USA to destroy, destroy, destroy.  “Evil” whitey owns everything, waahhhh, boo hoo… “Evil” whitey is rich and we’re not…Boo hoo…

“Gun free” in S.A. so ‘evil’ whites & other bystanders will be murdered by criminals: here

In September 2013 the police reported that they had “made more than 14,000 arrests at protests in the past four years in SA- see here: CLICK

The radical, left-wing, Communists are always making up a bogus apartheid, as well.  Like the Israeli-Pali fake apartheid.   Basically, if you bought the BS about Pali ‘apartheid’, you’re nuts.  Israel has major issues in govt like any other govt.. But ‘apartheid?’ Sure… Israelis give land away every 5-10 years or so..

Many left-wing pigs from America  & from all over the world  in “The 4th International” have destroyed South Africa and rendered it unrecognizable just as they want to do to USA & most western countries.

This is your America, now.  A pile of collective, caliginous junk.. Just as OZ said to the Tin man, remember?

Commies LOVE protests and havoc.  Without it, they would not exist. Just like a spoiled brat that never got spanked.. Last point:  The “Progressives” want America to be WORSE than South Africa.  Their ‘dream’ is a nitemare all over the world.