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Bill To Protect Blacks In Stores. NO Bill To Protect Whites From Murder, Rape, ‘Knock out’ From Blacks

Before I rant, I want to tell you that I HATE race politics.  However, this affirmative action government has given me NO choice…


And, this is your America, now.  Where we protect those that murder, rape and rob whites, solely based on the color of their skin in the major cities of America.  Its starting to look more like South Africa everyday in my opinion…  There is no bill to protect white people from genocide in America. Just like SA.

Black people get a bill to shop, white people get beaten up.  We patriots are racists for wanting them to be held to the same account as whites and the rest of us, but the Commie (liberals) are not racist for giving them a pass.  Go figure… 

See-Bill of rights to protect black shoppers from profiling at luxury stores

I find it amazing that we have MORE problems now after Civil rights than before.  Taking advantage…..

We are obviously NOT talking about black conservatives/patriots and law abiders.