VIDEO-Mandela Was A Serial, Jew-Hating Wacko & Liberal ‘Jews’ LOVED Him, Like @JoelPollak

VIDEO-Mandela Was A Serial, Jew-Hating Wacko & “Liberal” ‘Jews’ LOVE This FILTH!

It’s a strange phenomena that so many Jews love those that hate their guts.

Commie, Liberal “Jews” are insane.  They fund and support all of the people that hate their guts.  These Liberal “Jews” march into neighborhoods that hate them FOR people that hate them.  These vote for those that hate them, end up being hated & then ask – like that Charlie Brown song- “Whys everybody always pickin on me?”    These “Jews” make my life & my husbands life miserable and many of our friends as well..  Ditto Chaim Ben Pesach in this audio/video:


 In South Africa, Communist, anti-Jew, ‘Jews’,  Harry Schwarz, Helen Suzman, Nadine Gordimer, Arthur Chaskalson,  Denis Goldberg, Ruth First, Albert Louis ‘Albie’ Sachs, Rowley Israel Arenstein, Arthur Goldreich, Joe Slovo, Raymond Sorrel Suttner, Ronald Kasrils all helped the ANC get into power, used their money for incredible evil.    This blog absolutely, 100% deplores, renounces & denounces these people, aforementioned as human rights violators who are responsible, along with other white liberals,  for the deaths of 10’s of thousands of whites in South Africa.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO-Mandela Was A Serial, Jew-Hating Wacko & Liberal ‘Jews’ LOVED Him, Like @JoelPollak

  1. South Africa went from a thriving metropolis to the rape capitol of the world after Mandela took over.

    Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

    SOUTH AFRICA: One in four men rape

    “It is estimated that 500,000 rapes are committed annually in South Africa, and that for every 25 men accused of rape, only one is convicted of the crime. South Africa also has the world highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS: 5.5 million in a population of about 48 million.”

    This is Mandela’s legacy and while alive he refused to say anything about.

  2. Everybody praises Mandela as if he was Christ himself.I doubt God blesses murderers and communists.Mandela is now in hell where he deserves to be.

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