#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview. Just Like Sandy Hook

#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview.  Just Like Sandy Hook

Sorry…you may buy the ‘official’ story, but I do not. I will still love you, though. 🙂    This is just a nice Christmas howdy from the radical, left-wing terrorists: Facts About #Communist Leftists 

Another Commie Christmas present for all of you Americans that are too dumb to figure out what is happening….If you don’t know, you should wake up.  These events are most likely staged.  Even Corsi, who is on much of the time advised that Obama would have to stage an event just 3 days ago: Here  Really, you Communists are just toooooooooooo predictable, anymore.  The horse-shit is just not believable to people.  I am sorry for these kids. Very sad and sorry.

Right on schedule – leftists blame NRA & GOP for Arapahoe High School shooting

Mountain View Elementary School in Azusa on lockdown


More school shootings, below. How long are you going to think this is ‘coincidence?’

BTW: New Jersey ‘random’ shooting: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey  

AND:  what have we here:  Central Connecticut State University Emergency – on lockdown 

….Hmmm, a little more: Passengers evacuated at BHM Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama after security breach .  

Commies are SO busy: North Carolina A&T State University shooting 

sandy hook hoax


Oh, by the way…. Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook loves you Communists….

PS: All of the recent (last 4 years) of mass shootings were perp’d by radical leftists. That’s the facts.  So, any way you look at it, ITS STAGED.

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