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Now, Santa Claus Is A Black Man…..

I don’t even celebrate any holidays, with the exception of my own, personal passover, anymore.


BUT-News flash! Santa Claus is based on a DUTCH legend.

I was looking at some stupid website this am via email.  Santa Claus is black according to these fact possessing people.. How is a person with a Dutch name, a black man who lived in Holland – in the early 1700’s?   Why is it even important news?  This website had hundreds of thousands of hits on it with everyone screaming that Santa and Jesus are black.  

Santa Claus probably looked like this nice looking, middle-aged, Dutch man:

You know…its not enough for black, liberal wack-jobs to have their Kenyan prez.  NO, they want Dutch Santa to be black as well.  I never hear this craziness from black conservatives…

Just more discrimination against an old white dude.

Where’s Megyn Kelly? Not on Kelly File tonight with no tweets, she said Santa is white…