I’m Taking My Wife (The Mad Jewess) Out Of Politics For A Week

My wife, The Mad Jewess has been banned from quite a few forums:  Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, The Daily Caller, Wonkette, Mediaite, a few others, now Twitter.  Not to mention “Think Progress”, who has turned her into facebook for talking about America’s dirty secret: Black on white racial crimes.

My wife is a woman who is led by a clean conscience.    If The Mad Jewess is guilty of anything, it has been caring too much for her country.  The downfall of this nation is all she talks about–day and night.

I doubt many people will care what happens to The Mad Jewess because she is too frank and most Americans do not care for honesty.   Although MJ is truthful, she has also been accused of things so evil in nature by Jew-haters that I am surprised she has not fallen into a deep depression.  These characters only hate TMJ just because she is a Jew.  This makes her the ‘enemy.’  Judging her for being a Jew and not the fruits and works of her heart  is ludicrous.

The fact is, The Mad Jewess has more honor than most men I know.  Stronger in spirit and character than any right-minded Jew I’ve known, MJ is a trust-worthy soul and the bravest personality I have ever met and I am 65 years old.   And, this is why [every once in awhile] I have to take her out of the fight and this is one of those times.

Enough of the long-winded post..Thanks-

David Ben Moshe

PS: If you have our email, contact us that way for the next week.