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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Defended by Bristol Palin, Who slams ‘Hypocritical’ Gay Community

Many people believe that this situation is being used to divert us because the Obama admin is working on another FUBAR… Wrong on this one.  This is a blatant attack against Christians by the militant ‘gay’ community & the Communists.  A&E have been targeting Robertson for some time, now.  They already started an offense against Robertson in Sept/October:  Duck Dynasty Stars: Producers ‘Told Us to Stop Praying to Jesus. Communist/Liberals are just thrusting through their own ‘bible’ (#26 in the Communist Manifesto: 26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy”.)

A&E producers/directors are just immoral slobs & don’t want their consciences to be convicted.

Read about Palins daughter:  Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson defended by Bristol Palin, who slams ‘hypocritical’ gay community

It’s obvious that people are choosing this:


Over this:


People are sick and tired of this ‘life-style’ being shoved all over them.  Homosexuals were just better off when they minded their own biz and we minded ours.  STOP pushing people or they will turn on you: It’s a given.