#Jews For #PhilRobertson:

#Jews For #PhilRobertson:

Comment from a fellow Jew:

This is laying the groundwork for banning the Bible.

The PTB knew all along the belief system of Mr. Robertson. They just chose to bring it out now to start their Hegelian Dialectic in eventually banning the Bible as “hate speech,” and Christians and fundamentalist Jews as “haters.” The Roman Empire called all such the same: “odium humani generis.”

This is fascism. The same fascism that was in Germany who were eliminating any form of  Christianity that was not “positive,” or “progressive,” or “emergent.” When “Confession” churches were rendered silent and their leaders were killed or placed in concentration camps, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, then the slaughter began in earnest of the Jewish remnant.

The same pattern is emerging front and center in the United States!


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  1. Im sick of liberalism and gay sissies and God haters.They are crybabies holding onto their bs.We all know where they are going when they die.

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