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#KnockOut Young Sons Of Obama Attacking Jewish Children In Brooklyn


The only commonality is that basically all the victims were Jewish.

When are these Jews in Crown Heights going to learn they need guns?? Jews should be fighting day and night for white Christians, since they fight the same battle: 

A group of black thugs aged 10-14 went on a rampage attacking Jewish children in Brooklyn. Three black males aged 10 and eleven and a black female aged 14 attacked at least three victims. One of the victims was smashed in the head with a rock.

NYPD Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon said that the thugs targeted victims in Orthodox Jewish dress, but said they don’t count as hate crime. Fitzgibbon says that the perps have to explicitly tell the victim their are motivated by racial hatred for the attack to count as a hate crime.   From DNAInfo.com…

Read what C of C. C says: Pre-teens go on hate crime mob attack rampage in New York City


“Every Jew a 22”  -Rabbi Meir Kahane

Watch & learn how many blacks can be Jew haters:

David Ben Moshe