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900 Dead Sudanese, OUTRAGE. 10’s Of THOUSANDS Dead In #SouthAfrica, Crickets Chirping, NO Outrage

Q:  Why does the world only care about dead, black Sudanese but does not care about dead, white, South Africans?  A:  They want dead white people.

What other answer is there?  I see none.  In America, when a white person is murdered, the AP does not go nuts.  But, if a black person is killed by a white Hispanic, the MSM goes nuts.  The world is racist—against white people. Obviously.

I bet Obama is in the mix here:  CLICK


It’s Communism, stupid:


Mr Griffin interviews Henk Van de Graaf about the massive problem of state-sanctioned racist murder of white farmers in South Africa. Somewhere between over 1,500 and up to 3,000 have been killed, very often tortured to death with their entire families. With racist attacks in urban areas also claiming many lives, the total of Boers murdered in the on-going genocide is in the region of 20,000 since the ANC took power.

Mr Van de Graaf has laid charges of genocide against the South African government at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.