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Movie “The Butler” Portrayed Reagan Falsely As A Villain. See Screen Writer Admission


I told everyone I knew, friends and family not to see this movie.  Why did I tell them this?    1.  Hollywood makes grandiose films re. true stories that are almost always lies.    2.  Propaganda is contagious & oft times, believable. They (Producers) should state that a ‘based on true story’ is FICTITIOUS/Fiction just as the library does     AND, #3.  I am sick of ‘evil’ whitey being portrayed as the devil–it is dehumanizing.      

While we are very angry on this website about black crimes, we do NOT believe that all blacks are monsters at all. We see many great black patriots & admire them.. But, the left is not so kind.  They will not point out the good unless its for the Communist cause.

Cecil Gaines – played by Forest Whitaker – resigns his position to protest President Reagan’s veto of sanctions on South Africa – an event that did not happen in real-life.

SEE: ‘The Butler’ Screenwriter Danny Strong Recalls His Reagan Hatchet Job

Truth Revolt synopsis:

 In other words, Strong wanted to portray Reagan as a villain so badly that he blatantly ignored and distorted the truth to achieve his narrative.