This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

In USA, today…this is what ‘gay’ looks like…

Enough pussy-footin around.  “Gay” is not a couple of men tip-toeing through the tulips.   Or fairies running through the forest in Monterey.  It is not even my own fruity, little uncle who was funny & danced with the “Village People” in his Carmel Highlands home, told hilarious little jokes & was loved and adored..  

Gay” in America is an angry, ugly, fascistic, left-wing male who craves your sons and would like to sodomize you.  It’s not about marrying each other, either.  It’s about killing, no, murdering off the American spirit, totally.  It’s about destroying marriage and perverting your church.  Think not?

Listen to this video and understand the mindset of the leftist, militant, nasty, GLAAD-style, drama queen:

And, let me tell you something:  My posts are NOT ‘helping gay-rights’.  You already have the same rights as any other American.   YOU are finishing yourselves off and encouraging crazies to go back to the days of ‘bashing a fag’ in the streets..    AND, if there are ANY laws made that are called ‘hate crime laws’, on behalf of ‘gays’,  it will be ONLY because you Commie-queers wish to enforce your nasty sh*tholes over WE THE PEOPLE.  Thats the facts.  YOU are encouraging hatred with this sick, depraved militancy.  NO ‘hate crime laws’ are necessary with a free-spirited people/s, ‘gay’ or straight.

IF you are a conservative fruity patriot, you seriously need to renounce this EVIL behavior we have seen in the last 2 weeks with the ‘gay,’ left-wing freaks.

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  1. No one could have said it better!!!!!!
    Gays feel superior and expect everyone else to willingly be crushed, silenced, and to accept their rabid agenda without whisper, or gesture in self defense. We are to surrender our faith, opinions, and our freedom to the gay army.
    I’m sick of them!

  2. Hi, MJ. Perhaps I should have been more clear with my last comment: The reason I said your posts were helping gay rights is because of how hateful you sound when talking about gay people. I would imagine that if someone were on the fence about whether to support gay marriage rights or not and then read someone like yourself calling them “Commie-queers” and “fags” and referring to their “nasty shitholes”, that might elicit a response of sympathy for gay people rather than the antipathy you clearly have for them. Just saying, more flies with honey and all that…

    Also, phrases like “YOU are finishing yourselves off and encouraging crazies to go back to the days of ‘bashing a fag’ in the streets” sounds an awful lot like when people blame women for getting sexually assaulted by saying that they encouraged their attacker by the way they were dressed. As annoying as some gay people can be sometimes, they certainly don’t deserve to be beaten in the streets or to be blamed for it if they are.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. The days of LBGT is up, methinks.

    Whooooopeeeeeee! The Lord of Cause and Effect called KARMA is now visiting LBGT America — it’s Judgment Day for America – for War Against the God of Israel (Ketchup Kerry is busy planning the Genocide of Israel) in favour of America’s darling Muslim Anus Fucking potus 0bama. In turn, Karma strikes:

    1. America’s Face of Death

    (to feed American parasites and the rest of the parasite scum of the West)

    1 of 6 parts

    Oh btw, China’s president has ordered the Military for War.

    Happy dying Amerikaners. Wecan take a hit, can you?

  5. “GAY” is a choice.
    I have quite a few friends that WERE ‘gay’, they are happily married now–to WOMEN & have children.

    I have ‘gay’ friends that are just plain ol gay-acting & celibate and are NOT Commie militants and they feel the SAME way as I do.

    If a woman dresses like a slut, she should not expect to be treated like a lady.
    If a “gay” acts like a militant, fascist, slob, he/she can expect the hatred, not just from me but from everyone around him/her.

    Deal with it, you made this bed, prepare to sleep in it.

    I deal in reality, not Communist/liberal bullshit. This is the way the REAL world sees things –not the Marxist bullshit utopia of insanity which is a pretend land.

    Happy Roman new year to you too. Start off the new year right by not SHOVING yourself with your unnatural views on Americans.

  6. By the way… YOU watch this video and then search deep within yourself and THEN you tell me who the REAL hater is.
    The man in this video is a MILITANT pig.

  7. I agree with MJ.Watch that video and see who is hating and pushing their bs onto others.

  8. Hi, MJ. I tried watching that video and only made it through about one minute. Boring. True, that guy’s an annoying asshole but I’m also pretty sure he isn’t all gay people, nor does he represent or speak for them. Every category of people on this planet has some individuals within them that are jerks but the whole can hardly be blamed or held responsible for the words of individuals who were clearly not elected to represent or speak for their respective groups. I’m sure there are some Jewish folks out there saying things that you disagree with but I’d never blame you or hold you responsible for what they say.

    All medical and psychological evidence says that being gay isn’t a choice, just like being straight isn’t either. I never chose to be attracted to women, it’s just what I like. If you did know people who were faking being gay (for some strange reason, because why would someone do that?) they’re definitely a tiny minority. There’s plenty of evidence throughout history that being gay in a predominantly straight society is tough enough that it makes little sense to pretend to be that way. Given what black folks have endured over the past several hundreds of years at the hands of a predominantly white society I doubt very many white people would fake being black because they have little to gain from it. I see faking homosexuality as being equally futile

    True that if a woman dresses like a slut she should not expect to be treated like a lady but that hardly means she deserves to be assaulted or blamed for it. Similarly if a gay person acts like an asshole (or if any person acts that way) they can probably expect hatred from yourself and others but again that hardly means they deserve to be assaulted or blamed for it either.

    “Start off the new year right by not SHOVING yourself with your unnatural views on Americans.” I truly have no idea what that means. Yes, I get that you think being gay is unnatural despite the hundreds of examples of homosexuality in nature but how does one SHOVE oneself with one’s views? I assume you were trying to evoke an image of a cock being SHOVED into an asshole because most people who are opposed to gay rights usually equate all aspects of homosexuality with buttsex but grammatically it just doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m sure you can explain though.


  9. Perhaps but most LGBT folks are not militant, just as most people from whatever groups they identify with are not either. Entire groups of people shouldn’t be judged by the words and actions of their worst members.

  10. @JamesWebb-

    We believe the way we belive on this blog and that’s our business. What you want to believe is your business.

    Being a straight male, I was tired of gay, gay, gay on every TV channel. I got rid of most of my cable because of it.
    Gays are not even 2% of the population. The cultural Marxists use perception. Perception is a powerful tool. This is why most Americans feel that the gays are ‘shoving’ this on them. And, we rarely see gays point out that they do not approve of this either.
    We always thought they wanted to ‘live and let live’. But, instead of taking this issue to a vote in the state of Utah, a judge there allowed Gays to be married and you can’t see that this abuse of power will cause people to turn on gays and hate them for this?? For every action, there is reaction. That’s life. You can’t change humans.

    These militants don’t want to be married, they want to destroy marriage & marriage is between a man and a woman. If the gays want to be with eachother, they should seek out a different type of ‘union’ that does not conflict with the Bible. Marriage is from the bible.

    Regardless: Most Americans feel the way we do. Proof of this is the stay of Phil Robertson on A&E.

    -David Ben Moshe

    PS: MJ’s uncle was gay and had his partner on his insurance long before this insanity. He also left everything in his will to his partner at his death. So, there is no reason to be married as a man & woman are.

  11. Hi, David. I think everyone should be able to believe whatever they want to, yourself, MJ and myself included. I’m not telling you what to believe, just stating what I believe. Because you and MJ publicly post what you believe and give people the option of commenting on it that’s what I’m doing. If you don’t want me to do that just say the word and I’ll never comment here again. Personally, when I was blogging I welcomed comments that challenged and dissented from my views but I realize that’s not for everyone. That said…

    Being a straight male I don’t think that every cable channel is gay, gay, gay but if I had a problem with homosexuality I might. Personally I think most of what is wrong with cable these days has little to do with homosexuality and more to do with lazy, bad writing and blatant attempts to garner ratings but I still keep it for the sports.

    Wikipedia says “approximately 3.8% of American adults identify themselves either as lesbian or gay (1.70%), bisexual (1.80%), or transgender (0.30%); which would correspond to approximately 9 million of adult”. I realize that’s still a small minority but it is double the number you cite and if we’re going to use the term LGBT I think we should be accurate.

    I don’t know what being a Marxist has to do with being gay. My own sexual preferences have little bearing on my political beliefs but I do know that everyone uses perception, precisely because it’s a powerful tool. I don’t know if most Americans feel that they are having gayness shoved upon them because that seems like it would be impossible to measure or verify and you cite no source for this statement.

    I think that it’s better for marriage rights to be decided through legislation rather than through the judiciary precisely because it gives those rights more legitimacy in the eyes of the public but I can’t speak as to whether that’s an abuse of power when a judge does so. I do know that here in California in the 1930’s anti-missegination laws enjoyed a 90-something percent approval rating yet they were eventually declared unconstitutional. Historically when a majority votes on the rights of a minority the minority loses and sometimes the judiciary is required to protect those rights despite the will of the majority of voters.

    I’m sure some gay folks want to destroy marriage, as I said earlier there are always going to be some assholes in any group of people but I think most are genuine in their pursuit of marriage rights and you’re free to disagree with me on that. The definition of marriage has fluctuated quite wildly over the millennia. At times in history having multiple wives was accepted and for most of history one’s wife was considered one’s property and had no rights equal to her husband. I’m also pretty sure people were entering into marriages in one form or the other before the bible was written. Thankfully we live in a society governed by the constitution rather than the bible so I don’t see the relevance in citing that book in a discussion of American law and civil rights under those laws.

    While Duck Dynasty is a great show (and the only reality show I watch) I’m afraid most Americans don’t feel the way you, MJ and Phil do: “Fifty-two percent of respondents in a new Gallup Politics poll would support a law that would legalize same-sex marriage across all 50 U.S. states. On the flip side, 43 percent of the poll’s participants said they would vote against such a law.” I’m still happy Phil is staying on the show though. Happy, happy, happy.

    As to MJ’s uncle, if he and his partner resided in a state that didn’t recognize gay marriage MJ could have barred his partner from being at his side when he was dying in the hospital because she’s his relative and her authority trumps that of his partner in the eyes of the law. So, that’s at least one reason to be married as a man and woman are.


  12. My uncle died in California in 1998, left EVERYTHING to his male buddy.
    Wrong you are.

  13. Hi, MJ. I didn’t say that gay folks can’t leave things to their partners in their wills. I could leave everything I own to my postman if i wanted to and we’re not even sleeping together. I said that if you or someone else in your family disapproved of your uncle’s lifestyle you could have barred his partner from being with him at the end of his life because most hospitals have strict limitations on visitation rights for non-family members. Because the state didn’t recognize them as being married your uncle’s partner would have no say about his end of life choices, no matter how long they’d been together.

    Now of course I’m not saying that you did this, just that since your uncle couldn’t get legally married you could have and it would have left his partner completely powerless as the man he loved lay dying. I said that’s at least one reason to be married as a man and a woman are. It’s nice talking to you but I was hoping David would have something to say about my response to his suppositions.


  14. My uncle thought his life was totally absurd. He had moocho feminine hormones and said he wished that NO man would be cursed as he was.

    Anyway, David will not come back to talk.
    He posts and leaves for 2 mos.
    Thanks for coming by.

  15. It’s weird you say that about David though since he just posted a new thread today but I understand why he wouldn’t want to answer me. You’ve both done a fairly good job of ignoring the substance of all of my comments but again, I understand why.


  16. @james webb

    Your comments have no substance: you make things up. Queer you should do that
    But I understand why you do; Facts do not back you up.
    To have anysubstance, why don’t you go to a site That welcomes you’re “nothing is normal” findings… May I suggest Lake Victoria?
    The crocodiles in that lake still do what is “normal”.:) Go bask in the sunlight of their wisdom.
    You have 11 followers on Google Plus, shouldn’t you Be there right now? Oh I forgot;you haven’t shared anything with those 11;you’re just a troll.
    Don’t bother to reply I’m through with you.
    One last word, I do not tolerate dissent On my posts. My post is my post and not for dissenters. My idea is,dissenters can find too many posts where their warped and Evil Plots are equally shared. Instead you want to wear your dirty diapers here. Hoping for a change I presume. Please prove that someone else does agree with you and go post on your own site!
    Mad Jewess, And others: Consider my advice and do not allow dissenters to post or comment. They intentionally disrupt and try to defeat your purpose. That is their only goal. Worse they are paid to do it.
    Really why would I allow a pedophile, like James Drooling over the site of my son in the shower room? Neither then would he be welcome on my post.

  17. James thinks that black people are innocent, too.
    NOBODY is innocent. He believes that black on white attacks are justified b/c of the 1960’s and 1860’s.
    Hence, we have been putting up with black on white racism for almost FIFTY YEARS.

    Its time for the black peeps to change.
    Webb can kiss my flat Jew ass.
    I spammed him for PRETENDING that racism is not alive and well and IN majority of blacks.

  18. I am wondering if it is worth all the effort To post the truth about the “Scottsboro boys” 1934. One thing the communist IDL Who defended those rapists Accomplished Was too muddy up the water Until it takes a bulldog researcher like me to get to the bottom line. Keep up the good work!

  19. He is a clueless wack job!
    I bet Shirley Temple was a racist to him, too.

    Sick of these stupid whites who would rather DIE than be called a raccccccccccist.

    Fking preposterous. Sick of this shit!

  20. I was on twitter the other day and some whites were debating Justin cox from the ACLU.
    Cox was taking them around in circles.
    I finally just told the ahole that he had a small cox 😀 LOL
    And, then I told the bastard to go live in a sanctuary city for illegal occupiers and until he does SHUT UP!!!

    YES. Absolutely, whites need to get more chutzpah. OR die to these Stalinist creeps!!!!!!!!!!

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