St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

So, I thought us Joos owned Hillary…?  This woman is evil.  She wants to be Queen of America.  If any idiot votes in this filth, it is evident that they love Obama’s policies because she will continue them.

The Constitution prohibits U.S. government employees from keeping presents worth more than $350.

Read more: Here (NY Daily News)
An art collage from November 2013

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Mark Zuckerberg, LIAR: ‘Anti-Immigrant Groups Extreme.’ LIES. Communist, Zuckerberg Hell Bent On Destroying The Country

Mark Zuckerberg, LIAR: ‘Anti-Immigrant Groups Extreme.’ LIES. Communist, Zuckerberg Hell Bent On Destroying The Country

Almost everyone we (Americans) know is from an immigrant family or has roots that are immigrant.  Mark Zuckerberg lies.   The extremists are the Communist (Liberals) who undermine our once great nation at every turn.

No patriot is ‘anti immigrant’, that is a fabrication from the pit of hell and anyone with a brain knows it.  (Of course, I am anti-everyone at this stage in the game, but that’s besides the point)    Making 11 million plus illegals, legal should be an outrage to ANY person that has had to go through years of citizenship tests, green cards, papers, etc.  Illegals are people occupying the country who REFUSE to go through the correct channels.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this.   These illegals don’t want to pay the same price & sacrifice that legal immigrants have had to pay.  They also want to sit back and laugh their ass off at stupid Americans because they know fully well that NO other country has such insane, lenient laws.

We all know that Communist (Liberals) just want to remain in power indefinitely & this is the way to do it.    Just change the demographics and we will forever be serving these Communists.  Period.  End of story. 

Now, the Republicans are trying to shove amnesty down our throats against our will.   Just who are they working for?  NOT us.   Lobbyists in DC are their bosses which is why every GOP traitor should be strung up and executed. Along with their democrat friends.

Mark Zuckerberg: A Communist by any other name is still a Communist.  And, an illegal by any other name is still an illegal.

An art collage from November 2013

How is the illegal immigrant situation working in Europe?? It ISN’T.  How are poor, minority Americans going to benefit from these illegals? They won’t.

Bullsh’t: Facebook founder’s group targets ‘The Shocking Extremism Behind Anti-Immigrant Groups’

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

Remember, the left wing media says this is not happening.  Below is just a figment of the imagination:

From NY Daily News: Suspect laughs, cackles while filming sick attack on middle school

New York Daily News

ABC: 2 arrested in possible knockout game attack in NE Phila.

A Northeast Philadelphia middle school student was the victim of a random attack – video of which was later posted online.   Police now say two suspects have been arrested and investigators are looking for a third. They also say this definitely appears to be a part of the so-called knockout game.

Meanwhile, white adults are under the bed, scared to death of being called a racist.

-David Ben Moshe

Pittsburgh: Gang Of Young, White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

Gang Of White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

No, that’s not what happened but it got your attention because America only cares if it’s a racial crime perpetrated against a black person but not a white person.

4 young, black women beat this young white woman below as they were screaming ‘white bitch’ — Same type racial/beating happened to The Mad Jewess when she was younger.

Update:  This event took place in August:  Huffington Post reported it.  But, did we hear about it on the news?  No.  If it was 3 white females who did this, we would have heard about it for a year on the main stream.

Read it here:  Young Pittsburgh woman savagely beaten in racially motivated mob attack


-David Ben Moshe

My Sketch Of Queen Esther (Hadassah), Jewish Queen Of Persia

An art collage from January 2014

I drew this freehand a few years ago,  I recollect in 2007- Before I was married to my David.  I dressed Hadassah in the attire I believe was fashionable in Persia (modern Iran) at the time of her coronation & life.

Esther the Jewish Queen of Persia ‫אֶסְתֵּר‬,  Ester Tiberian ʼEstēr, born Hadassah, is the heroine of the Biblical Book of Esther. According to the Bible, she was a Jewish queen of the Persian king Ahasuerus. Book of Esther



YAY! Pinko, Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

YAY! Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

This is a great day for right minded Jews and sane Americans.  Good riddance pig snout!  A-dee-os!

Rep. Henry Waxman, California Democrat, will not seek re-election this year, becoming another member of a growing list of long-tenured congressmen who have recently announced … read more >

All Left-wing Jewish Reps, GO HOME.

My buddy, Doug on the same page as me:

Entrenched Democrat Henry Waxman to Retire From Congress

Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Now that we have seen what is happening in Kiev, Ukraine (Which has descended into chaos lead by EU/America: Commies fighting Nazis fighting Euromaidan fighting civilians)  We have to look at the scenario in Thailand where true, anti-violent protesters, who are oppressed by  the Thai government are trying to rid the country of tyranny.  This protest has NOT been lead by NATO/USA leaders with their agents.  It is much like the American Tea-party in their beginning stages, 2009-2010.

A protest leader killed in a shooting at hands of reds..

The NYSlimes (Always on the wrong side) is yammering:

BANGKOK — Hundreds of thousands of people were blocked from voting on Sunday as antigovernment demonstrators obstructed polling places in Bangkok and southern Thailand in a campaign to ‘suspend’ democracy and replace Parliament with an unelected “people’s council.” More:  Thai Protesters ‘Disrupt’ Early Voting in South

(They are not wanting to suspend ‘democracy’, they want a tyrant gone)  Thailand has its own currency, this situation is nothing like the issue in Ukraine.)

Look how complicit NYTimes is in their wording, calling protesters ‘undermine.’

Click: Continuing Unrest Could Undermine Thailand’s Economy

EU official urges political dialogue  Why is EU there??  None of their business. Thailand is INDEPENDENT/SOVEREIGN. This means that soon America will be involved if not already.  QV believes America is already in the mix, look for his comments.