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Two Blacks Arrested In Barberton, OH:  Triple Homicide-All White Victims

I believe it is 4 whites who have been murdered.  If these crimes were in reverse it would be front page news.  We had a commenter here who believes that these deaths are ‘hypocritical victims.’   The usual spew from an ‘anti’ racist who cares nothing about humanity unless they’re black.
Are people being murdered solely based on the color of their skin?  We believe so.  Many blacks believe that white is just another word for weak.  We have a DOJ who seems to not care unless its a black person.  Case in point is the trial of G. Zimmerman, who we heard about non-stop for a year.

Click-Two blacks arrested in Barberton triple homicidefrom http://www.newnation.org/


Rhonda Blankenship

David Kohler-Carpenter

Ashley Carpenter

John Kohler

Savages who should be lynched, not given a trial:
Michael Deon Hendon, 22, and his brother Eric Donta Hendon

The only news that makes the ‘main stream media news’ about these racial crimes — is if a white person is charged with a hate crime.  It’s the double standard that is maddening.  Daven/prayers for these victims in America’s 40 year race war.

-David Ben Moshe