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2 Blacks Murder A Jew In NYC Who Was A Real Estate Developer. They Dumped His Body In A Dumpster

Some are saying that Stark owed millions of dollars and was a slum-lord.  People that knew him said he had a list of enemies a mile long.  So, we’re not sure what type of attack this was.  Was it Mafia? Did he borrow money outside the Jewish council?  Or, was it just a couple of black males just doing what they usually do?

Was it a race crime?  And, if it was, why? In NY, the system works on behalf of the blacks and nobody else.  They could have sued him and seized his possessions–easily, in New York City.

He and another brother, Yoely, said Stark’s alleged attackers were two burly African-American men.

The 2 blacks have not yet been identified

See- Real estate developer bound and kidnapped in Williamsburg

See-Kidnapped developer’s body found in dumpster

NYPost believes that many wanted him dead:  NY Post Defends Cover ‘Celebrating’ Murder of New York Landlord

Geller believes the front page of the NYPost is anti semitic: @NYPost Shocking Front Page Cheers the Kidnapping and Brutal Murder of a Religious Jew 

(We don’t believe the NYPost is anti semitic. Satmar Jewish men (sect of Judaism) are rarely seen without their religious clothing, so the picture submitted on the front page of the NYPost was how he dressed, nothing more)

Of course our thoughts are with Stark’s family.

-David Ben Moshe