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All Crimes Perp’d Against Univ. Minnesota Students Since August Have Been Black

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

My wife had an ‘anti’ racist blogger here the other day who claimed that whites and Jews are ‘hypocritical victims.’   Well, how about a whole university of students who probably walk in fear of their lives when black males pass through the hallway.

January: 1 all perps are black
December: 4 all perps are black
November: 9 all perps are black (mob attacks on multiple victims counted as one)
October: 3 (4 groups of 2 or more students attack in separate incidents counted as one, all perps black), (woman raped at random by man with two accomplices. UMPD does not list the race of the suspects in the rape.)
September: 2 all perps black (multiple armed robberies counted as 1)
August: 3 all perps are black

The rest here:   All crimes against UM students since August, in which the race of the perp is known, were perpetrated by blacks.

Commenter at C of CC says:

This just can’t be possible. Minneapolis is only 18% black. The University itself is only 3% black. Assuming, as I know for a fact because I read it in the NY Times, that there’s no difference among races, we’d expect a maximum of 18% of the criminals to be black. Since many of the crimes were likely students, we’d expect it to be closer to 3%.

Gosh, maybe the other 82% of crimes were done by evil, white supremacists masquerading as blacks? It seems someone in Minnesota recently warned us about those evil racists (“Unfair to be white”).