An art collage from June 2013

I’m just thinking…..

I am one of many who will not tow the line.

I will not bow or surrender to your sick ‘liberal’ ‘g’od.

I will not accept that which you demand of me.

I am a free agent.

You may call me any name that you wish.

You may taunt me for my beliefs of freedom, the right to bear arms & to speak my opinions..

I may get depressed. I may just cry.

But, I will not ever willingly accept your dogma, it is evil.

Others may walk in rank with you.  10’s of hundreds of thousands, but I will refuse.

Those same many thousands will be forlorn and disenchanted when your failures continue.  As Communism, Socialism & Liberalism has always been for losers of humanity.

So, you may paint your red where ever you wish but I will not willingly wear it in attitude or appearance.

I won’t ever accept your NSA, or IRS.  I know that it’s all a lie based on a fascist mess.

I may walk in this path alone.  But, I know my God will carry me home.