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Communist “Jews” In Israel Fund & Support Illegal Africans In Israel:  Africans DEMAND To Be Citizens

There is a good amount of patriotic American Jews. As well as Israeli patriots.. Please note that. Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Steve Malzberg, Pamela Geller, etc.. We are like any other people/s in America–we have our good AND bad & then, very bad:.

The reason that many Liberal (Communist) ‘Jews’ (like Max Blumenthal) support treason is because they hate God & the true Torah.  Communist Jews,  have been following a ‘faith’ that was reformed by a very evil “Rabbi” in the late 1700’s in EU.   He reformed many Orthodox synagogues into Communist synagogues.  He encouraged the illegal issue which we have now.  Commie “Jews” and non-Jewish leftists go hand in hand and work together to destroy the west and have for over 100 years.  They have a lot in common and are both led by lying ideologies.   Its a fact.   Read Rabbi Antleman’s book: TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE, VOL.1 VOL.2

Sad part about this is the fact that these Communist Jews think their ‘faith’ is the true Judaism even though none of their actions show true Torah deeds/Mitzvahs. The Jewish people in each country are supposed to encourage the laws of the land, be fierce patriots OF the land that hosts them, like my husband and I.  They are supposed to take care of the nations majority and pray for the peace of the majority at ALL times.  Not build up minorities to disrespect the majorityThey are supposed to be like Haym Solomon: CLICK

In the book link above, (To eliminate the opiate) you can see how secular Jews are following a LIE which they believe is “Judaism.”

Just a thought..

You know David Duke, right?  He encourages Max Blumenthal.  Blumenthal is for total open borders in America as well as Israel..  SO, how does that make David Duke ‘pro white, Christian America?’   It doesn’t.  He’s not.

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