MSNBC Analyst Mike E. Dyson OK W/ Fascist Exec Orders As Long As A Dem Does It

Ask a Democrat if they would mind a GOP Prez signing one exec order after the next.  1461 days blogspot was always outraged when GWB 43 issued HIS 293 exec orders–but not so much with Obama.  And, Obama’s orders are far worse.  It’s only fascism when the ‘right’ does it….  Liberals (Communists) are the biggest hypocrites in this planet.  They are sick, demented, evil lunatics.

Now, we have this windbag, Dyson who believes that Obama should just bypass congress (We the people.)  He’s a traitor.   In a sane country, he would be executed for treason.  But, here in America, we encourage treachery.

Click-Michael Eric Dyson: Obama Should Just Issue Executive Orders

I hear he is also a race-hustling moonbat…