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An art collage from November 2013

Communists do not know how to live and let live.  They just don’t.  They are satanic, evil, creepy, fascistic, losers and downright obnoxious.

This one from above (Jimmy) has a mad crush on my friend, Doug.  But, Doug just doesn’t fly that way.  Still, Jimmy persists. He just won’t take no for an answer. He constantly trolls Doug. Wishing for a better life since he is stuck in Loserville wacking off with Rosey Palm and her five sisters.

This should be his theme song:

Imagine life being so boring that one has nothing to do but troll right wingers.

Here is my friend’s post about this constant harassment: Enough! Stand Up to Harassment and Stalking.   & Obsessed Hate-Troll, Jimmy Attacks Mad Jewess with Despicable ‘Racist’ Smear. 

Another post on this mad-man: Portrait of a Stalker Troll: @Repsac3, Also Known as Walter James Casper III

I altered Jimmy’s eyes so you won’t be able to recognize this poor mishugunah.