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As Woman In Los Gatos, CA Is “Knocked Out”, LA Weekly Says Knock Out “Mostly Made Up Phenomenon”  Posted on 2:22 MST Wed. Jan 8, 2014

Mr. Dennis J. Romero lies to the public, putting people’s lives in danger.  This is not a ‘made up phenomena.’   It is happening.  Why is he pretending this is not happening?  Why are left-wingers against equality and equal treatment under the law?  You can’t have it both ways.  Here, on this blog, we want all people’s charged with the same crimes as other people’s regardless of race.  We want the SAME exposure the Main stream gives to whites when they perpetrate racial crimes.  And, they say WE are the racists???   No.  They are because they hide the crimes of different minorities to protect these said minorities who are beating whites (for the most part)  It’s racism against white people.. Imagine a nation so dumb, it protects the perpetrators and then complains about ‘social justice.’

It’s disgusting to pretend this is not happening. Why doesn’t Mr. Romero just go spit in the face of the white, Jewish & even Asian victims of the ‘knock out’ game???

Here is the snap shot of his post:


Scan0083And, the link (he may change his story, who knows)