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‘Knockout Game’ Hits CO. Sons Of Obama Randomly Attacking Whites. Hello, @brianbeutler

Brian Beutler from “The Salon” believes that whites are ‘obsessed’ with black on white crimes.   No, whites are obsessed with not wanting to be targets of racial crimes.    Liberal Colorado released this news clip today.   These attacks happened New Years Day.  Colorado is trying to protect blacks from whites even though it’s the whites who are  beaten up in ‘knock out.’

DENVER – Police are warning the public after three separate, random attacks occurred within 45 minutes in downtown Denver early New Year’s Day.

Click-Knockout: Police warn of multiple, random attacks in downtown Denver early New Year’s Day by black males

One of the victims:

Nick Lloyd




These savages have not yet been identified, but they are all black:

When are whites going to wake up?  When they’re all dead or shot as Beulter was?

-David Ben Moshe