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Both Chris Christie & Barack Obama Need To Resign. Was Hillary Clinton In On This “Release Of Emails?”

Chris Christie is the ANTI conservative. He loves ‘gay’ marriage, seating Muslims in the courts and taxes people out the wazoo. In my opinion, he needed to get lost like 5 years ago.


BUT-Fatty has been leading Hillary by a sizable percentage.. We all know how Hillary loves to obliterate her opponents.. Literally.  It’s possible that the witch had him set up by planting one of her workers, inside.  Regardless, the buck stops with Christie in this scandal. And, the buck stops with BO in Benghazi, Commie-care, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Everyone is fighting over the double standard hypocrisy of this Chris Christie scandal.  The Democrats (Communists) want Christie gone, obviously because they want their Komrade, Hillary in as Prez in 2017.  The Republican (Marxist lites) are just saying ‘How come its not a scandal when Obama does it, na na na na na na.” 

AT ANY RATE: Did anyone dare to even question that Killary Klinton was possibly in on the release of these emails.. Or is it SEXXXIST to think this??

I say: Christie and Obama should both get the hell out of dodge.  America is falling apart and these 2 jokers should just resign.  And, Hillary Clinton should get lost as well.

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