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#Communist “Jews” like @MaxBlumenthal Almost Got Away W/ Passing A Bill to Give Israel Away

It NEVER ceases to amaze me: The treachery of the Leftist ‘Jew’.

And, this is the reason this type of “Jew” is hated where ever it/he/she dwells.  This type of “Jew” is a cancer to the human race.  This type of “Jew” wants the total destruction of, not just the west, but the whole world.  This type of “Jew” is the eternal malcontent, never satisfied.  Ever seeking destruction.

This type of “Jew” does not suffer “Stolkholm syndrome”, this type of “Jew” is just a child of satan.

Do you find yourself supporting this “Jew?”  Then, face it: You enable evil.

See the story about these Insane Liberal “Jews” 

This type of “Jew” is like Edward G. Robinson from “The 10 Commandments”