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#Commies In Israel: Stop Deporting Africans To Sweden. Send them HOME. Give Africans Aliyah To Africa

Give these Africans Aliyah back to Africa.  Who the hell cares if people say you’re racist..?  It’s your Communists, ISRAEL, that cause this insanity. Israel has allowed 10’s of thousands of Africans in to their demise.  It’s your COMMUNISTS that do this!!!  Ban Communism. Send Africans HOME!

In Sweden, the Swedish women that are indigenous are raped and beaten by Muslims.  And, now, the Communist cabal in Israel has sent a couple thousand Africans to Sweden.  What do you think will happen to the Swedish women? They will be raped and beaten by Africans.  This is an outrage.  Illegals all over America, EU,  & Israel and we sit and take this crap because of Communists.  You don’t see this insanity in Asian countries.


See this crap!! Eritrean migrants resettled from Israel to Sweden | JPost

What in the hell happened to the Jewish state?  Are there no Samsons? Davids?  Don’t you realize this will just cause Jew-hatred?  Israel, with Bolsheviks in the knesset is causing its own anti semitism because of the Communist stench in its country.   Kick out the Communists.   Send them to Africa with the Africans they worship.   

I see Stormfront has this news linked: Israel is sending their negroes to Sweden.  Why is S.F. bitching?  They are FOR Max Blumenthal who is for open borders, WORLDWIDE & loves this integration of Africans from 3rd world countries.. Ya can’t have it both ways.

“One thing we can we know about history, the Jews never learn from History.

-Rabbi Kahane


He was sooooooooo right. Ever since Israel banned the Kahanists, its turned into nothing but a Communist sewer.   If Israel had a man like Meir Kahane, there would be no issues like this.