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I Loathe Chris Christie, But I Believe Hillary Is In On This Scandal (Hit List)

We are not going to ‘take up’ for Christie on this website or feel sympathy for him.

At any rate: The other day, I wrote a short post regarding Hillary’s footprints on this Chris Christie scandal.  Not much, just a tidbit: ‘Was Hillary in on the email scandal‘ (re. Christie) 

And, now this morning, “The Hill” has 3 pieces entitled with “Hillary hit list” or just ‘list’ – Clinton adviser plays down hit list , Hillary’s hit list  & Kerry, Kennedy top Clinton’s traitor list

If there is one thing I know about politics…it is the fact that the left and the right continually throw out words that coincide with what they are conniving and conspiring.

This is what I believe: Chris Christie is finished for a Presidential run, but I believe that Hillary Clinton had people on the inside that took Christie down.  Why debate opponents when you can just crush them…Obama did with Alice Palmer in Illinois: See.   And, we all know that Hillary Clinton has NO skeletons in her own closet…Sure.. The Clinton Chronicles

The only way a Republican can defeat Hillary Clinton is to sucker punch & crush her own evil politics and not play softball as Mitt Romney did in 2012..